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Sunday, March 24, 2013


AND HEEEERE'S "Hello Dolly"!!  All finished up.  Just a little preview until I gift it to some little sweetie...hmmmmm   (her Mom follows my blog!!).

I will have to wash this a few more times to "de-lint" it some more.  

I will keep the whole back a "secret" for now....but 'Kota is definitely having fun here, too.....(hah)...

Hugs to all---  Julierose, La Blageuse (a FINISH!!)


  1. Julierose - this looks so cute - I love these quilts - and it seems that your fabric choice is oh-so-cute!!!

  2. looks like one lucky recipient will love this! too too cute!

  3. Adorable fabric - perfect for someone special.

  4. oooh, can't wait to see it in person one day :-)


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