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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RED SKY AT MORNING....(Orange Edition)

and here is our early morning Red Sky = "Sailors take warning.." and the rest of us, too!  We are already having 35 mph wind gusts, some rain--so far no snow!  Good deal....(I may have to go and throw myself off the Saybrook Bridge (after getting my hair done, of course) if we get any more snow....)

I am working on RSC13 (Rainbow Scrap Challenge):  the color for March is Orange.  

Here is my pile (messy!) of oranges:  All that I own really; not a big stash of this:

I need to re-charge my camera battery (duh!) so, cannot show you the cute mini-broken dishes blocks I slaved  (Holding hand to brow & big sigh) over this morning...
I really don't know how I will put them together as yet, but I think that the pale peach will be the background, as they are VERY COLOR SATURATED! (Holy Samoley they be smokin' orange!!)
 The plain colored piece on the left is one of my old ( ..er than the hills- haha) hand dyes that I did in the 80's.  I haven't really known what to do with it (just opening, stroking, ironing, re-folding...sigh) so, now I will USE it!!  

I may get to Hello Dolly later, but maybe a day off...cannot decide....
Windy days make me crazed!!  

"Orange" you glad you dropped in...  groan  ??? Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. Hello Julierose,
    the picture of the red morning sky looks great. I love sun rises, but since I'm re-tired the sun rise is so early in the morning, long time before I wake up.
    Orange is a color for the springtime, last week I have bought orange wool. I want to knit socks for me.
    Hello Dolly can still wait antil tomorrow. Today is orange.
    I think I can understand why windy days make you crazed.
    Now I'm going in my sewing room doing some quilting.
    Enjoy your day as you like it and take care

  2. I never buy much orange either but your orange fabrics look very pretty together. We had rain, snow and even frozen rain off and on all day. Hope this storm misses us. I have to work through it this time. I like storms better when I can stay home!

  3. Love the oranges. I never sewed much with them before this past year, but I'm enjoying them now. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  4. Enjoy your orange blocks. You will have those scraps used up before you know it.


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