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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


TA-DAH! Blues-ey is finished...tied, bound, and keeping me warm while tv watching at night!  I never ever thought I'd get this finished--really!!  The most pieces ever in any quilt I've made.  Thank you to Bonnie for her Blue Ridge Mountain Pattern which I scaled down to lap quilt size. All of her books are fan-tab-u-lous!    

Here is the back--using up all but a very small piece of this old favorite fabric and a Nancy Crow fabric for binding (click on pix ).

I am doing my happy dance this afternoon--my first (and hopefully not last) finish of 2013.

AND:  I am moving forward with Hello Dolly and have finished Row 6:

and here is another block using that "...That Old Black Fabric that you weave so well...."  a song or every occasion in our house.... ;---))) 

I have also started the RSC13 challenge (better late than never, huh?) from Angela at Superscrappy blog--but I canNOT get her button pasted onto my sidebar---aaargh--it just won't do it.  A little techie-snit here....will keep on tryin'...

More S N O W predicted here for Wed THROUGH Fri...

Well, snow days is sew days (hahaha) I say..

And--now,off to my herbal tea to soothe my very sore mouth after yesterday's ouchy-Crown Challenge at my dentist + a cavity!!  I looked like and felt like a blubber lip..my whole lower jaw was full of Novacaine;.no talkin' for me yesterday...but it's over--yay!  All but the followup..which will be easy..as my dentist said ("Julie, no shots, no drills, just pop it on there!) I have a terrific dentist; I just get soooo anxious.....

See you all soon and a big thank you to Dunkin, the cat , for picking me as a winner of sewyouquilt2's giveaway.  I am purring....Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. looks wonderful congrats on a finish and sorry about the dentist...
    hope it feels better soon

  2. Hello Julierose,
    what a wonderful Blue-ey, it looks great. I love blue and white fabrics. Tonight I've sewn a blue and white babyquilt (more in a few dasy on my blog). The 6th row of Hello Dolly looks so beautiful, you used such wonderful fabrics. Enjoy to be participant of Angelas challenge in 2013. I've finished a rainbowquilt during her challenges 2011/12.
    Congratulations to be the first winner. Great things, engjoy them.
    Have a nice day and take care

  3. Congrats on the finish! Looks beautiful! I'm sure it's your first of many 2013 finishes. I went to the dentist today too. I've been ignoring something on my gum for a few weeks. Looks like I have a nice infection under my crown. Lovely! Have to clear up the infection before he can fix the problem. I'll be back there in a few weeks. Hope your mouth is back to normal soon. Mine is going to take a while......

  4. hey! congrats on that pretty blue finish! Looks great! Good luck at the dentist when you get that crown!!

  5. congratulationa! a celebration is in order...a lovely finish for sure.........

  6. Love to snuggle under a new quilt, congrats on the finish, gorgeous!


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