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Friday, March 8, 2013


Here is my orange  block "one" for the RSC13 I've joined.  See those tiny "broken dishes"...well......I have decided to make a block I have never tried before each month--so this is March's...

Ya see, the Easter Bunny (aka darling DH) got me the Accuquilt die for this block.  So, willy-nilly, I began cutting those little triangles; ok so far; then--I sewed them together on the "long" side: uhhhh: uh-oh--now I have hst's--how did this happen (perhaps if I read the instructions?) but no, I soldier on; so I flipped one over the other with diagonals matching and cut them across the seam --voila!  Teeny tiny broken dish pieces--chips, really--talk about your seam allowances...yikes! I pressed them to death!  Steam & all--I wasn't about to throw them out--only had a few small pieces of these fabrics I love...and all that labor....

Here's the SIZE they should have been--only one cut & a lot fewer seams--it seems!!  Ack...well, I am now sewing correctly, but am keeping those lil babies--even though they are not perfect (to say the least!)

I decided to try to balance the saturated oranges by adding this cool Nile Green color...I have four of these babes!  

It feels Southwestern or ancient to me...hmmmm, am trying to come up with a name:  Raindance, Long Ago?, Sacred Visions?, Lost Worlds?, Ceremony of Thanks.... what do you think????

Snow, snow, and more snow--about 6" so far this morning!  Where are you Spring?  Why are you dragging your sandal-clad-tootsies? Not even a tip of a daffodil to be seen...
I'm doing a Raindance myself and hoping for some warmth and melting...

Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Hello Julie,
    long time ago my mother allways said: read first thr instruction. If I made a mistake I often think about this sentence.
    Perhaps you can use the "little" block in combination with an other color in an other month. But your orange block looks beautiful.
    We have had 5 days spring, but the next days the winter shall come back. I don't want winter back!!!
    Enjoy some times in your sewing room and take care

  2. I think Raindance is a great name. You have come up with some great names! Orange is my favorite color. Great work on this one. Have a great weekend. Hope the snow doesn't last long! :-)

  3. I tried to leave you a comment but not sure it succeeded. If this is a duplicate, just delete it. I love your tiny pieces! I'm sure they're hard to work with, but I love the look of this block. We got about a foot of snow! No spring in sight! Went to work but it wasn't so bad to drive in. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Cute block and lovely fabrics. Just put it down as a learning experience with those little triangles. Love the name Raindance! Hope you won't have to shovel snow for much longer.

  5. Read twice and cut once!!! But hey they look really cute. 'Angel of the North' came to mind for me (you can tell I'm from the UK maybe, although from the south of England not the north!!) but I really like the idea of a new and different block for each month. Look forward to seeing more. Have a good weekend.

  6. Looking at those bright and happy fabrics will keep you warm whatever the weather is outside. Sorry they gave you trouble, but I guess that is all part of the "fun" when trying something new.

  7. Beautiful orange fabrics! I'm working on HST skills, too.
    We're supposed to have some spring like weather this weekend. I hope it happens.

  8. Love your little broken dishes! Keep those triangles! You never know where they might fit into your quilt somewhere. If nothing else you can use them as part of your label on the back :*)

  9. Good save Julierose, I find that's what so much quilting is about. Your names are all great, I might pick Radiance.

  10. I think this looks lovely! Beautiful fabric


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