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Monday, March 28, 2016

CASSIDY'S QUILT ( aka Confession)

 to make the MSQ Co.'s "Square in a Square" quilt for Cassidy's quilt FRONT.
{finally, a decision}

 Her favorite colors are purple and lime , and I really L O V E this grouping of colors in this Free Spirit line.  I already have the white honey bun needed to make this pattern....and it's EASY  ;--))).  (Or looks easy)

THIS will be my new project to get my quilting mojo back once more..............

I have been wandering around my craft room and doing scrapbooking and then kind of feeling like something has been missing.  I have been reading, looking at my stash, looking at my stash
AGAIN... and, looking yet again--and nothing has struck me-- for her colors are almost
non-existant in there....

(Also, my first Easter holiday without Mom kind of made me sad once more
 and mopey)

and so,
I KNOW I could have fiddled about and found  something from my stash--
and I probably should have--

BUT this kind of LOOKS like my granddaughter...and so....I broke with my fabric diet....
I have been a VERY good gal before this....and this fabric, well, you can see for yourselves
it is sooooo gorgeous...I think she'll love it...

.(Looking on the MSQ Co site is akin to going to" look at " puppies-
-there is no way you will go home without one...LOL!!)

And that's the news on this rain-swept Monday ..My darling .DH is poking around
 at Home Depot and I am having my cuppa and planning a nice roast beef dinner
for us--with mashed potatoes, gravy and a tossed salad--
 (my healthy choice ).

Julierose, La Blageuse (Naughty-euse   ;--000)

Sunday, March 27, 2016


                                                   FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS

                                             A BIG BOUQUET OF SPRING FOR YOU ALL

Hugs Julierose, La Blageuse  (Grand-mere-euse)

Friday, March 25, 2016


SUCH FUN..;-)))
("Here comes Peter Rabbit....)

I made these two small Easter baskets for Willa and Fiona
who will be dropping over on Easter for a visit...

I just love those feathered purple baskets! Aren't they cute???
I included just two little packets of "Frozen" 
chocolates in each one...along with the
identical crouching bunnies !


Here is the finished version of the page I featured on my 
last post....

The title is "From Shy to Hi!"
(lotsa decisions)

I took this series of pix at my DH's birthday party at Candice's house.
Willa had been asleep in the car all the way and was
just waking up safe and warm in her
Daddy's arms....
at two years old
she has gotten a bit hesitant to "go" to other people...


CASSIDY won her over...

I am happy with how it came out (five days' work)

I am trying to follow certain design rules in this work
that are new to me:

A triangle cluster of little embellishments that lead your eye 
to the title and the pictures outlining them.

Plus the idea of  using stacked papers behind the photos...
such fun figuring this out...

AND  I got to use my "Colorshine Spray" 
for the gold spotted dots....

THEN:  I sewed 
(I don't know if the picture 
enables you to see this part) 
a border on my machine ...using
my teflon foot and a paper needle 
an old dulled needle that I've save for these projects).

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter weekend
 and enjoy your family time.

Hugs, Julierose,La Blageuse 
"hippity, hoppity hippity hoppity 
...over the Bunny Trail"
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I thought I'd share my latest effort in scrapbook land:
DH's Birthday spread Part one....and

Set up for Part Deux from March 13th at Candice's house....
I love Fiona's off-the-cuff unposed photo here (soooo cute!!)

..those types of pictures are my favorite, but difficult to grab...

(these are "Project Life" spreads for those of you who do not scrapbook--so the pockets are already set up in the page protectors at 3x4 and 4x6 and you just slip in the photos and/or cards)

{Note to self: I had my photos finished at 4x4 this time but usually do them at 4x6...from shutterfly online...next time back to 4x6 I think....}

And here will be a 12x12 full page spread about how:

                                              Willa has become shy 2 yr+ old...
                                                  (she really loves her Daddy)

In this one,  I am really just trying to figure out how to set up the photos so that your eye
will travel to the bottom one....where she sits with Cassidy. Ahh, lovely "open" faces of
our young ones....

I love how she warmed up to Cassidy in the end....I may be prejudiced (no, really?? lol)
but aren't they just adorable??? My Willa Rose & Cassidy...;--))))

Hugs from
Julierose, La Blageuse [aka: La Scrappeuse heureuse"]

Monday, March 21, 2016


                             And see what SHE left for me....

                                           from DAWNIE :
                                                 A lovely pincushion and 
                                                                 two Spring-ey fabrics
                                                                              to play with ;-)))

                     THANK YOU so much for your beautiful gift--a real "perk-me-up"....
                                                 you are SO sweet..
                                   Happiest of Easters to you and DH, Dawn....

                              BIG HUGS, JULIEROSE, La Blageuse (thankful-euse)

Saturday, March 19, 2016


This was the best quick- shot I could get of my "Gypsy WannaBe" on this blustery, cold day.

I FINALLY got this together...I have been sewing a few strips here and there while recuperating from this "Whatever it is"- bug that is still hanging on....

I donned my "puffy coat, earflap hat and mittens (not a good visual-- lol)
to take this shot as it is very COLD!!!!. 

I really haven't ceased sewing, everyone; it's just that I haven't had much progress to report-- as it was itsy-bitsy by itsy-bitsy. 

And.... this was too big to get a full shot from my design wall in my small room....

This will be for Cassidy when she graduates in 2 1/2 years--so I do have time to make a 
backing using purple fabric (her very favorite).  

It is getting more and more difficult for me to push and pull these big tops
 through my machine....only two more after this one for my twins, Gregory and Connor....I want them to each have one from me....

{And: For those of you who have inquired-- DH is coming along--it's just hard for him to figure out what he can and cannot do without strain.  Yesterday he figured he'd take a bike ride--which seemed innocuous enough.  BUT--he forgot about the lifting of the bike into our CRV...after the exertion of the ride....
so he was quite uncomfortable last night and also today....}

I can tell he is just "itching" to get outside and do stuff....understandable having been
so active all his life...

We are awaiting a Nor'easter tomorrow through Monday noon--so I will be shoveling....
(and hopefully not so much snow that it has to be snow-blown;-000)

I thought we were through with Old Man Winter....but on the first day of Spring we
will be seeing snow again...and so it goes.....

hugs to you all and thanks for all of your nice wishes for both of us.

Julierose, La Blageuse --glad it's a flimsy-euse ;--)))

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Sunday we celebrated my guy's birthday
We had a wonderful day at my daughter Candice's,

the cake was for St Patrick's as DH is Irish

Candice made us all Belgian waffles with strawberries, blueberries chocolate
chips and whipped cream--YUM!!

My son Jeff brought Willa who really wanted to play with Cassidy

since it was a Birthday brunch Lin had to make us



Fiona and Willa just love their cousin Cassidy so much

The twins and Steven played b-ball out front as it was a lovely day...
(hard to photo those moving targets lol)

A wonderful celebration..
We were so tired, but happy, when we got home...
I spent the day saying 

Am beginning to feel better though, 
hugs to you all
thanks to all of you who sent me good wishes..
hope to get back on the sewing spree this week....
Julierose, La Blageuse (cough cough-euse)

Friday, March 11, 2016


Hello again from your long lost quilter...(LOL)
I have been quite ill trying to kick off this infection and so haven't made
a whole lot of progress on my Gypsy Wannabe.

I finally got the twosie strips into foursies this afternoon and was
thrilled to be able to sew without that hacking cough sound in the background!!

So not a whole lot of progress to show you;
but am happy how this semi-coordinated scrappy quilt is coming together...

I was able to use scraps and cut off pieces
from the entire jelly roll and so most of it will have been used up!!
Astonishing, for me!! 

This is way too big for me to photograph in its entirety
(Didn't I just finish saying "No more big quilt"???) so...
as soon as it reaches flimsy stage I will hang it somewhere and
get a pix for you...

Do you do totally scrappy--like I usually do--or try
this idea of a jelly roll or whatever that is definitely coordinated and
use it in a "Scrappy Style"??

So far, I am loving this quilt...and sewing it is
so easy..

Here is the lower right hand side--you can see those little squares and cutoff
pieces...I did add the same pointsetta fabric, Christmas lilies 
 and the reindeer  B&W prints from my stash
(not in the jelly roll ) --
as additional sparks of
Christmas Cheer..
(I will be hand big stitch quilting this BIG baby so am
pressing all seams open to ease my needling....)

On that happy note I will retire to my afternoon necessary nap...
hugs to all, 
Julierose, La Blageuse (Wannabe-back-in-shape-soon-euse)

Thursday, March 10, 2016


And here is my latest effort (multi media effort) in saving the older photos of Mom and Dad...

I gessoed the cardstock (it's still curling a bit LOL) and then used some modeling paste and a stencil
to do the drops and added some shine spray.  The little roses and leaves are the ones I made and I  watercolor- wrote out the title on Watercolor paper and then hand cut it.

I also added some lace leafy pieces that I had left over from my Crazy Quilt Adventure....

A four day project--done a bit at a time....
At first I was SO disappointed in how the papers that
I gessoed curled up--but now that I  have put it in "My Life and Times" album protector--it looks alright....

I also managed to sew all the lower "Gypsy Wannabe " strips into twosies--hoping to finish more
on that tomorrow....
hugs from your still feeling crummy, but hangin' in
Julierose, La Blageuse  (wannabe artiste-euse)

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Here is my latest scrapbooking catch-up for my "My Life and Times" album; a picture that I photocopied of my Grand'mere Rose and me (Julierose) at 2 yrs old. 

 We are sitting in her side yard on a sunny afternoon while having my afternoon favorite apple snack...my Grand-mere took care of me a lot of days when i was a little girl.  She was a warm wonderful and caring woman...i always had fun at "Grand-mere's House".  

I drew, and painted the roses--both of our favorite flowers--and leaves on cardstock and used three shades of acrylic paints from my (VERY) old stash....and chose 
papers that evoked those days of yore when everything was still
fresh and new to me...

at this age I only spoke French--the language in our home...."ici on parle Francais"..
I often dream in the French of my youth....since Mom passed i have no one to speak our Canadian patois left--sad....but happy memories for sure....

I still need to put a title on this and am a little stumped as to where 
and what kind of lettering to use--want to keep that old-fashioned look....
but for now this is done....

Here you can see my attempt at making roses--the important thing for me is that this memorynot be lost...

I sent a picture this to my DIL, Lindsay, and she showed it to her 4-yr old Fiona 
and told her
                      "See, Fi, this is your Grand-mere's "Grand-mere" "  
isn't that heart warming???

To me, this is what scrapbooking is all about....
Shimelle's blog has a link up today--so will be joining in.  Hop over to see my Scrapbooking Idol..;--)))

No quilting as yet, as I am still "under the weather"; but coming along....
hugs to you all

Julierose, La Blageuse (scrap-euse)
P>S>  here's the final with title and a few more bits and pieces....
                                                         {L O V E}