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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I thought I'd share my latest effort in scrapbook land:
DH's Birthday spread Part one....and

Set up for Part Deux from March 13th at Candice's house....
I love Fiona's off-the-cuff unposed photo here (soooo cute!!)

..those types of pictures are my favorite, but difficult to grab...

(these are "Project Life" spreads for those of you who do not scrapbook--so the pockets are already set up in the page protectors at 3x4 and 4x6 and you just slip in the photos and/or cards)

{Note to self: I had my photos finished at 4x4 this time but usually do them at 4x6...from shutterfly online...next time back to 4x6 I think....}

And here will be a 12x12 full page spread about how:

                                              Willa has become shy 2 yr+ old...
                                                  (she really loves her Daddy)

In this one,  I am really just trying to figure out how to set up the photos so that your eye
will travel to the bottom one....where she sits with Cassidy. Ahh, lovely "open" faces of
our young ones....

I love how she warmed up to Cassidy in the end....I may be prejudiced (no, really?? lol)
but aren't they just adorable??? My Willa Rose & Cassidy...;--))))

Hugs from
Julierose, La Blageuse [aka: La Scrappeuse heureuse"]


  1. your Willa and other grands are all so precious. her cute cute face is so sweet. especially when you capture it unposed. love getting shots like that! great memory page

  2. Wonderful photos Julierose. It's so good to see the photos being displayed so beautifully rather than still sitting on the camera or computer!

  3. Great photos. I love unposed candid shots the best.

  4. Your scrapbooks look great! Beautiful photos! So nicely done!


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