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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Here is my latest scrapbooking catch-up for my "My Life and Times" album; a picture that I photocopied of my Grand'mere Rose and me (Julierose) at 2 yrs old. 

 We are sitting in her side yard on a sunny afternoon while having my afternoon favorite apple snack...my Grand-mere took care of me a lot of days when i was a little girl.  She was a warm wonderful and caring woman...i always had fun at "Grand-mere's House".  

I drew, and painted the roses--both of our favorite flowers--and leaves on cardstock and used three shades of acrylic paints from my (VERY) old stash....and chose 
papers that evoked those days of yore when everything was still
fresh and new to me...

at this age I only spoke French--the language in our home...."ici on parle Francais"..
I often dream in the French of my youth....since Mom passed i have no one to speak our Canadian patois left--sad....but happy memories for sure....

I still need to put a title on this and am a little stumped as to where 
and what kind of lettering to use--want to keep that old-fashioned look....
but for now this is done....

Here you can see my attempt at making roses--the important thing for me is that this memorynot be lost...

I sent a picture this to my DIL, Lindsay, and she showed it to her 4-yr old Fiona 
and told her
                      "See, Fi, this is your Grand-mere's "Grand-mere" "  
isn't that heart warming???

To me, this is what scrapbooking is all about....
Shimelle's blog has a link up today--so will be joining in.  Hop over to see my Scrapbooking Idol..;--)))

No quilting as yet, as I am still "under the weather"; but coming along....
hugs to you all

Julierose, La Blageuse (scrap-euse)
P>S>  here's the final with title and a few more bits and pieces....
                                                         {L O V E}


  1. Just beautiful! I think you family will always treasure this.

  2. That is such a wonderful photo of you and your Grand mere. Such a great memory and sharing with your grand daughters makes it just more special.

  3. So pleased that you were feeling well enough to make this treasure of memories - just beautiful. I feel sad that you are no longer able to converse with other speakers of the language of your youth, here in New Zealand we do miss the accent of our Northern roots. Hoping you will be feeling even better next time you post.

  4. Your layout is so precious and such a treasure.
    Hope you are feeling better soon....we are going through colds here as well.

  5. glad you are feeling a bit better. what a lovely treasure to make out of a precious picture. my Grandmother (Moms side) was my best friend. She spoke a little French and tried to teach this Portuguese girl LOL something about a song Madame Chambala will you dance? hee hee funny how things like that stick with you

  6. I have pictures to and my grandmother's was my best friend, my daddy's mother

  7. Chère JulieRose, tu nous offres là un très beau post rempli de beaux souvenirs....J'espère que t'écrire en Français te rappelle ces beaux souvenirs !
    Grosses bises et prends soin de toi.

  8. I love absolutely everything about your scrapbooking page. What a great story and memory. Your roses are perfect.

  9. What a beautiful page and memory. Your photo looks so much like the photos of my childhood and my grammy, it brings back very sweet memories.

  10. What a great picture and such a lovely memory you shared. My Dad's first language is French as well... he learned english when he went to school. Oh how I wish he had taught us french other than counting and some phrases to get by when we were up in Quebec visiting relatives. Hugs and hope you feel better quickly.


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