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Friday, March 25, 2016


SUCH FUN..;-)))
("Here comes Peter Rabbit....)

I made these two small Easter baskets for Willa and Fiona
who will be dropping over on Easter for a visit...

I just love those feathered purple baskets! Aren't they cute???
I included just two little packets of "Frozen" 
chocolates in each one...along with the
identical crouching bunnies !


Here is the finished version of the page I featured on my 
last post....

The title is "From Shy to Hi!"
(lotsa decisions)

I took this series of pix at my DH's birthday party at Candice's house.
Willa had been asleep in the car all the way and was
just waking up safe and warm in her
Daddy's arms....
at two years old
she has gotten a bit hesitant to "go" to other people...


CASSIDY won her over...

I am happy with how it came out (five days' work)

I am trying to follow certain design rules in this work
that are new to me:

A triangle cluster of little embellishments that lead your eye 
to the title and the pictures outlining them.

Plus the idea of  using stacked papers behind the photos...
such fun figuring this out...

AND  I got to use my "Colorshine Spray" 
for the gold spotted dots....

THEN:  I sewed 
(I don't know if the picture 
enables you to see this part) 
a border on my machine ...using
my teflon foot and a paper needle 
an old dulled needle that I've save for these projects).

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter weekend
 and enjoy your family time.

Hugs, Julierose,La Blageuse 
"hippity, hoppity hippity hoppity 
...over the Bunny Trail"
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  1. Cute baskets! I always loved my Easter bunnies.
    Enjoy the visits!

  2. Lovely baskets and missed saying Happy Easter, been having blog posting and comment issues and lost all my blog list from my sidebar - just renewing it presently. Hope you are enjoying Easter.

  3. Wow those are cute baskets. Love how your page came out.

  4. those baskets are so adorable and your page is nice too.
    Happy Easter my friend!


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