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Friday, March 11, 2016


Hello again from your long lost quilter...(LOL)
I have been quite ill trying to kick off this infection and so haven't made
a whole lot of progress on my Gypsy Wannabe.

I finally got the twosie strips into foursies this afternoon and was
thrilled to be able to sew without that hacking cough sound in the background!!

So not a whole lot of progress to show you;
but am happy how this semi-coordinated scrappy quilt is coming together...

I was able to use scraps and cut off pieces
from the entire jelly roll and so most of it will have been used up!!
Astonishing, for me!! 

This is way too big for me to photograph in its entirety
(Didn't I just finish saying "No more big quilt"???) so...
as soon as it reaches flimsy stage I will hang it somewhere and
get a pix for you...

Do you do totally scrappy--like I usually do--or try
this idea of a jelly roll or whatever that is definitely coordinated and
use it in a "Scrappy Style"??

So far, I am loving this quilt...and sewing it is
so easy..

Here is the lower right hand side--you can see those little squares and cutoff
pieces...I did add the same pointsetta fabric, Christmas lilies 
 and the reindeer  B&W prints from my stash
(not in the jelly roll ) --
as additional sparks of
Christmas Cheer..
(I will be hand big stitch quilting this BIG baby so am
pressing all seams open to ease my needling....)

On that happy note I will retire to my afternoon necessary nap...
hugs to all, 
Julierose, La Blageuse (Wannabe-back-in-shape-soon-euse)


  1. Hope you get better soon - I too have been taking an enforced break due to eye surgery - let's hope we are both on the mend soon

  2. Glad you are finally feeling better, Hugs

  3. I have wondered if the jelly rolls would be too coordinated for me, but this looks great!

  4. Some really interesting fabrics in those strips.

  5. hope you are back to yourself real soon. this has really knocked the wind out of you girl! love this quilt. gonna be a beauty!

  6. J'espère que tu vas aller de mieux en mieux JulieRose !
    Faire du patch va certainement t'aider !
    Bonne sieste !

  7. The additions from your stash make it way more interesting! And the blue and red fab and reindeer really jazzes up the color scheme! Really fun! 'hope you feel better real soon!

  8. Love your mix of fabrics! I love all fabrics together! The more the merrier!!

  9. Saw where you won a book on a blog, congrats

    1. I did? I haven't gotten any info on that...thanks Julierose

  10. I hope you are feeling much better now...at least you are able to have some fun with fabric!

  11. I'm sorry you are still not well. I finally shook my hacking cough.
    I'm glad you feel like sewing, I love what I'm seeing.


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