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Monday, July 29, 2019


All my bloglovin listings and people have disappeared...does anyone know why?
They say my link is broken??? and I cannot find anyone that I had on there...
Anyone else having this problem,,,,????

Added 9 p.m.:  And so now it's still disappeared...
Confused julierose

Sunday, July 28, 2019


                                       Here's my Sunday Snowball Wall
                                    [ignore the crooked pinning please ;000]

                 The long strip on the right is the leftover pieces from this one below

AND....Here are the latest two for the middle  section


As you can see, I am down to the nitty gritty for these colored squares....;)))

I spent a good amount of time organizing the leftover
triangles into colors...

PLUS: I STILL have lots of beige and gray and black 3.5" squares
I think they multiply overnight....;000

Do you think I pre-cut enough triangles??
AND squares???
[Note to self:  think about how many you need]

Hugs, from HOT AGAIN CT
Julierose, La Blageuse { still snow ball-making-euse}

Saturday, July 27, 2019


                                This week I get to work on Nefertiti's  FACE ! 

                      As I work along 
                              I am realizing just how wonderful 
                                      this glue is to work on;

The coloration of the canvas matches the drills beautifully...
as these are round drills --and of course, the little spaces are squares--this is SO
to give a beautifully finished product...
you can see that in the undrilled part of the canvas above.

The little circles containing the color symbol are round 
and  set in the little colored square on the chart...

These canvases are "hand charted" instead of computer generated....
I think for these "stylized" art works (i.e. stained glass type) this 
gives a beautiful array of vibrant colors...

*Disclaimer (I have no ties to Diamond Art Club and do not get any
product or recompense from them--this is just my humble opinion)*
;)))) Just pure enjoyment....

hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (Nefertiti-ing-euse)

Friday, July 26, 2019


                Dawn at Relaxing Robin blog surprised me with this lovely
                             "squishy mail envelope...;))

The lovely Christmas fabric--I am trying to update my holiday fabrics
and this is just a perfect addition--so pretty  

AND what looks like a teapot mugrug 
is actually a 

just perfect for those of us

who are--- ummm advancing in age and have
trouble with opening jars...

                See the "gripper" background...now, how clever is that???

Thank you so much Dawn--you really make amazing and creative 
items...hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (jar-opening-euse easier  yay!!)

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Along with coloring in Mouse Guard, I am working in this adorable book....

Here is the picture I chose--

                             Isn't this am amazing portrait??💓

                 And that adorable little sea creature headdress...
                         I cannot wait to try out underwater colors..

I am thinking of using  my alcohol distress pads to give a wash of 
color underneath the pencilling...

I am trying to learn how to color faces--
not so easy..so, am following "Zucchinnikitty's" Youtube channel to learn
how to approach this type of coloring..

I want to make a rainbow underwater type of coloration...

I mean: Eyes? Lips, Hair?  This will be a long learning curve--

I am using my Prismacolor pencils --layering light applications of color...
It is so much fun and so relaxing while watching the Red Sox baseball
games on tv...

I hope you are enjoying this short break from what has been a long
heat stretch..
We opened windows tonight..yessssssss...fresh air....;))

Hugs Julierose, La blageuse (coloring fun-euse)


                I am starting to sew my wonkified snowballs together.
                                    INTO BLOCKS OF 9..

I am ironing all the crossing seams open...
(but not the triangle ones).

And when I do this, I pin the two seams diagonally;
and I find that this works for me...

                   Here is a row with the seams ironed open..this 
                         makes any hand quilting a lot easier on
                                  my po' hands..;)))

                               And here are two rows 
                  all pinned waiting to be sewn together

Here are the latest two blocks...
WILD and WONKY;)))

I found that dark teal 
(I know it looks blue, but
it's really greener in real life...)--
And that upper wild fushia solid 
hiding away in my solid stash...

I have two blocks sewn and ready to be put together;
some reds and greens that I found 
to round out this piece....

here is my progress on
the gorgeous 
I have almost the top 1/4 done...

Can you see the sparkle??;))))
Just loving working on this one..

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (staying cool-euse)


                      I am working in Mouse Guard with my 
                         Inktense watercolors pencils...
                             just setting up the leafy bower right now...

I like having this craft to turn to when my hands are too sore to 
            handquilt or even sew or diamond paint...
                         and I will deepen these  colors 
                              on top of this wash with
                                  my Prismacolor pencils...

                     I am liking this lower volume coloration of sno-balls--
                                   wanting to use  up my batik triangles--

I think I must have cut up a WHOLE charm pack
in the hopes of making "broken dishes"--
but they all came out wonkified ;0000

So, I stored away all these pieces...
and am going to use them in this fashion...

                              I love this applique pattern 
                                that I bought from Barb Vedder's(click)
                                    little etsy shop...

I am hoping to actually make a piece with these
wonderfully old-timey images this Fall... I will make my own freezer
paper templates and do my starch and turn method...

I am, [as I dive through the stash], putting aside fabrics 
that I will try out...she still may have this paper pattern in her shop--
go check it out;)))

she has many lovely items....thanks, Barb...;))))


                            I love love love this pattern---
I don't know where I came across it--but I think it would be a great way
to use up leftover strips and charm squares....don't you????

                 {Madame La Zonga sees one of these in her future} LOL

Go and visit LeeAnna at her gathering of we "like-minded" sewists to
see all our positive and uplifting Thursday posts...

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (crafting-euse)

Sunday, July 21, 2019


  My journey with NEFERTITI begins...........
                        as you can see the drills are
                                                        round this time...

I have finished the left side of her crown.......these colors are just so

The opaque covering you can see on the rest of the canvas
is really just parchment paper squares--

I didn't care for the clear plastic sheet that they sent on this canvas--
too hard to handle.... 
so I removed it and pressed these down to cover the sticky
canvas instead..
This way I can uncover just a small section at a time....[see the folded
parchment paper at the left hand side being held by my fabric clip]

I worked on this today as my hands are not in shape to either press
triangles back with my fingers before ironing on my snowballs
and of course,  poor baby thumb is still hurting....

and pinning is still out of the question on my legos strips 

        Here are all my colors set up in little bead boxes ....
                                                All kitted up and ready to use..

FYI: It is now 92 degrees, 79 % dewpoint and "feels like temp" =110!!!


AND here is my latest coloring page in the cutest book called 
                                          MOUSE GUARD...

I used my Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils and a waterbrush...

isn't the little mouse just adorable?  I love these pictures....💓💓

It is such a charming book, with beautiful drawings...a joy to work in....
 I am doing this craft while watching the Red Sox and hubster is napping--

So this is my  quiet Sunday in the AC....

I hope you are sheltering from the
extreme heat and you are able to enjoy the day

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (Nefertiti journeying-euse)

Saturday, July 20, 2019


I've sewn my legos strips in rows of three each; and have set them onto
long muslin pieces. 
This way I will quilt each one separately 
and not have to 
pull the whole goldarn thing through the machine....
A quilt-as-you-go-by-row,;)))

Next, of course will be pinning each row to ready it for quilting...i will also
be figuring out what kind of quilting I want to do...that is a puzzler....???

My  big day lily plant finally bloomed 
and it's a very pretty one..
I don't know what color you could call it as it is so

Aren't those colors amazing--there is even yellow and mauve and cream
inside...and a little bit of orange on the anthers...

Light pinky-mauve...
dusty rose, cream
yellow, hint of green


                                and I love those ruffled edges...
                       there are about 20 more buds ready to open...
                                               Well worth the wait...💛💚

We are in a heat warning here--I
haven't poked my nose out today...
staying in the AC...
I also sewed up some more snowballs:
Here is my collection so far.....
                         I didn't realize that I've made FIFTY-FOUR!!!

And this will be the fill-in on the last top right block:↓↓

Dark teal squares with pink and green triangles...I only had 3 of the teals
                  so I added the closest color I had in my box;

As you can see below I STILL have a ton left--and those are only the

                 Good thing I really like making these, right?(heh heh)

Well that is where my projects stand right now....

I hope you are staying cool....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (still snowball-making euse)

Thursday, July 18, 2019


                 I love how this one came out--the art is so beautiful....
This one was a joy to work on even though it used square drills...

I am actually sad to have it over...;(((.  Kind of like a really good
book that you are compelled to read and are sorry when it's done...

Here is a little bit closer shot....I know it's titled
"The RavenQueen" 
but when I look at all the strands coming out of her head
                         I think of how sometimes I feel just like that ;))) lol
                                       This is one I will frame...

Now: for my next project [which will be a Diamond Art Club piece]
called "Nefertiti" ...............

                 Here is the thumbnail picture of this one 

AND here is the true size:
--it is a B I G canvas and a test of whether I like their canvases and
            this style of artwork...sort of "stained glass" in that all the
                            areas are outlined in black....
                                   She is really a beautiful lady....

Today I will be kitting up the drills into my containers to ready the
canvas for painting...

Hugs from Julierose La Blageuse (diamond painting-euse)


                              These day lilies are my favorites...I love how they
                                    are gracefully reaching out....

                              My little marigold hiding from the heat
                               see how dried out everything is??

                             Love the moss growing on my rock ledge...

                                     My blue spruce looks layered 
                                               & Japanese ;)))


                                  Love my Helga; amazing machine


Our two new deck chairs....and the privacy screen...what a treat...


Hand Quilting on my square leftovers...

                                               Had to stop                                                                  though

                                                 because of↓↓↓

                                     My thumb end split from the 
                                              dry air in the AC...
                                                 [so not a "like" for sure]

I am linking up with LeeAnna at not afraid of Color and all her positive
followers to see all the "goodness" in life these days...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse ( enjoying life's little pleasures-euse)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


I am leaving the RED RED block in place and adding this whimsical 
red border
on either vertical side...

these dollies have been in my stash for quite a
while (I made a couple pillow cases for granddaughters with 
most of it..)


Now, in the interest of full disclosure...that last purple block on the 
lower right--
well, when I was truing it up to 10.5"---

it turns out
it was really short--but only 3 strips...

way too short, in fact...aaargh--oh nooooo

ummm but, Julierose, they are HORIZONTAL and the

whole quilt  is VERTICAL--
well, so be it!!  I am not making that block over again.....

Life with quilting is NEVER boring...always something to figure out, right?

I am definitely a "make-do" quilter--I love that book that came out a
few years ago:  "That Dorky Homemade Look"...yup...;))))

Thanks to all of you who took the time and trouble to leave me suggestions about my RED RED block...i really appreciated it...

So, that is the news from our hot hot hot SE CT--not venturing outside
for walking at all--way too hot and humid..

Hugs, Julierose La blageuse (snow ball making-euse-- 
sounds cool, right??)