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Saturday, July 20, 2019


I've sewn my legos strips in rows of three each; and have set them onto
long muslin pieces. 
This way I will quilt each one separately 
and not have to 
pull the whole goldarn thing through the machine....
A quilt-as-you-go-by-row,;)))

Next, of course will be pinning each row to ready it for quilting...i will also
be figuring out what kind of quilting I want to do...that is a puzzler....???

My  big day lily plant finally bloomed 
and it's a very pretty one..
I don't know what color you could call it as it is so

Aren't those colors amazing--there is even yellow and mauve and cream
inside...and a little bit of orange on the anthers...

Light pinky-mauve...
dusty rose, cream
yellow, hint of green


                                and I love those ruffled edges...
                       there are about 20 more buds ready to open...
                                               Well worth the wait...💛💚

We are in a heat warning here--I
haven't poked my nose out today...
staying in the AC...
I also sewed up some more snowballs:
Here is my collection so far.....
                         I didn't realize that I've made FIFTY-FOUR!!!

And this will be the fill-in on the last top right block:↓↓

Dark teal squares with pink and green triangles...I only had 3 of the teals
                  so I added the closest color I had in my box;

As you can see below I STILL have a ton left--and those are only the

                 Good thing I really like making these, right?(heh heh)

Well that is where my projects stand right now....

I hope you are staying cool....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (still snowball-making euse)


  1. Good idea on legos to quilt in rows.
    Your snowballs are coming along too.
    Love them.

  2. I love how Legos is looking--it's really beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing it all quilted!

  3. Love the Georgia O'Keefe shot of your daylily. Looks like a quilt to me.
    And I love your "every flavor" snowballs.
    You seem really organized. My butterflies cause chaos in my sewing room. I've got all kinds of colors pulled out of scraps and stash piled around me. One day there will be an avalanche, and it won't be pretty. LOL

  4. great idea to quilt as you! pretty lily photos

  5. I love your lego blocks. Such fun and happy colors.

    The daylily is a beautiful color. Hope to see all the others when they open.


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