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Sunday, July 21, 2019


  My journey with NEFERTITI begins...........
                        as you can see the drills are
                                                        round this time...

I have finished the left side of her crown.......these colors are just so

The opaque covering you can see on the rest of the canvas
is really just parchment paper squares--

I didn't care for the clear plastic sheet that they sent on this canvas--
too hard to handle.... 
so I removed it and pressed these down to cover the sticky
canvas instead..
This way I can uncover just a small section at a time....[see the folded
parchment paper at the left hand side being held by my fabric clip]

I worked on this today as my hands are not in shape to either press
triangles back with my fingers before ironing on my snowballs
and of course,  poor baby thumb is still hurting....

and pinning is still out of the question on my legos strips 

        Here are all my colors set up in little bead boxes ....
                                                All kitted up and ready to use..

FYI: It is now 92 degrees, 79 % dewpoint and "feels like temp" =110!!!


AND here is my latest coloring page in the cutest book called 
                                          MOUSE GUARD...

I used my Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils and a waterbrush...

isn't the little mouse just adorable?  I love these pictures....💓💓

It is such a charming book, with beautiful drawings...a joy to work in....
 I am doing this craft while watching the Red Sox and hubster is napping--

So this is my  quiet Sunday in the AC....

I hope you are sheltering from the
extreme heat and you are able to enjoy the day

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (Nefertiti journeying-euse)


  1. So many irons in the fire. You are a talented girl. Hubby napping... I know that one.

  2. Sounds like agreat Sunday at your place. We are chillin in front of the ac

  3. No extreme heat here, of course. But we do have a lovely sunny not very wintry day today.

    Stay cool!

  4. I've been inside most of the day. I did try sitting on the deck but couldn't take it for long. You already got a good amount done on Nefertiti. I love the mouse coloring book! SO cute!

  5. You are right, those colors are extremely vibrant. This is gorgeous. I really like your coloring too. The heat has broken here finally. We are expecting lots of rain today.

  6. Julierose I love the colouring from Mouse Guard -I love owls! At the pace you're working at presently I'm guessing it won't be long before we see Nefertiti all finished. Good luck with the thumb healing quickly.

  7. You are very clever with the wax paper. Sounds like a great solution.

    Thankfully, we are on the coast with a sea breeze and have a swimming pool. Otherwise, the heat would be more miserable than it already is.


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