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Thursday, July 30, 2020


Falling Stars 
has gone through
a complete change..

I had made these blue wonky stars quite a while ago and while looking through my 
unfinished projects I came upon them....
They just seemed to "go with" my Autumnal stars...
they have metallic gunge star points....
and are on mini charms with tied dyed sky backgrounds
(at least they look like skies and clouds to me)

and the centers are a country Fall landscape 
I've had on hand for a long time...
A very serendipitous kind of morning here.
I will not be using any sashing now...
On the Diamond Painting Front:

I have the first half of my 
Blue Moon
I love the intense colors in this one..
I bought it on amazon in a two pack--

also included was this tree in a sunset sky
this will be the next in line....
I thought the two of them would look good 
framed as a pair.

Here is my work station in one corner of my craft room
Diamond Painting doesn't take up a lot of space
so, it  fits in nicely on that part of the front wall.

[You eagle-eyed viewers may notice an old toothbrush 
in that jar holding implements...

It is used for brushing off any bits of the setting
wax or dust that may get onto the drills...]

I have been spending quite a lot of time that
corner lately...
getting back into the swing of diamond painting.
I have 3 more canvases coming in in the
next few months...
that should hold me for a while...

Stay calm, enjoy your crafting time 
~ ~ ~ waving on another HOT day
Julierose, La Blageuse (keeping busy-euse)

Thursday, July 23, 2020


This lovely lily is actually a deep orange...
kind of like the center of a blood orange...
the center is a deep, dark maroon..
(somehow it looks yellow-ey here..)

I just love the frilly fringed edges...;)))

This one has more blooming to come...
Beautiful striations that my phone camera
just didn't pick up...
A different species of flowers appear below
My first embroidered 
lavender bush:

Three colors for flowers ;
at first I just had used two colors
but it looked 
way too dark...
So I added those little very light lavender french knots...

This took me about 2 hours 
to complete...
Here it is in progress
I may make a few just partials also...

{Lazy Daisy stitches and French knots 
adorning the stem stitching}


My ferns along the front walk in the late afternoon
seem to shimmer in this heat...

I am hoping the deer won't eat these buds off...

this one directly above has never
bloomed before...
I wonder what color it will be...

It was a really humid day--but not quite as hot
as others...
so far, no rain in sight here...

Hugs from afar
Julierose, La Blageuse

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Bits and pieces sewing
this afternoon
just for fun;)))

The tiniest cut-offs
and strips---

These ended up as 6.5" blocks

A nice size....
(Lizzie, do you see some of your 
fabrics in there?;}}} )

Sometimes, I just have to
do mindless, fun sewing...
Pick a couple colors
and go...
Not a whole lot of thinking or
Just doing jigsaw fitting,
trimming as I go...

Mostly pink, purple and white....

I will call these ongoing fun blocks 
"C C C"

We went for a short walk this morning---
just so hot though, we had to cut it short...

Tonight's  supper will be BLT's 
with French Fries....

Hugs from afar,
Julierose, La Blageuse

Monday, July 20, 2020


After backing Tuscan Sunrise with lightweight
fabric, I stay stitched 1/4" 
all around...
and then...

I found these embroidered 
No. "3" below↶↶↶

and this one
A combo of lazy daisy stitches
and french knots and 
green stem stitching.

Then I sketched out a few little ones
So many ways to represent and
stack them in rows....

I kind of like the larger one--
Maybe three bunches 
in one row
and then perhaps smaller ones
(at a different stage of growth?)
in another row...

Here are the threads I've pulled...
Still thinking about those...

A sunrise in the morning light, so perhaps brighter 
lavender colors??

So, this is where I stand (actually sit hahaha)
this morning...πŸ‘΅

Not quite ready to jump in yet...

S T A R T ...
Stay tuned....πŸ’–

Stay cool
it is like a sauna here...
all fogged in, too...

{Wear that mask all....}

Hugs from afar
Julierose, La Blageuse 
(in the planning stages-euse)

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Here are the front and reverse of my Christmas
Table runner...
As you folks who follow me can see,
I used five of those 16-patches squares that
were really Christmassy looking
for the reverse along with
the almost rest of my Jason Yenter 
Holiday print that I love at the two ends...

Then I worked on my 4th Star Spangled hand quilting 
for a bit...
I just love that cream colored
thread on the white...

I was working along, just minding my business..
W H E N...it happened...
I had seen this Aurafil Block of the month  last week;
and it had just stuck in my mind, you know how that happens?
We had visited Tuscany a few years ago,,
Well, I had a severe 
"Squirrel Attack"

Here is that block:

Isn't it just lovely?

And here is what I have pulled and cut from my stash...
My own version...that I plan to embroider..

After all.......πŸ‘΅
Since my cross stitch butterflies have made my eyes cross
I figured I could do this one ...
{That's my story and I am sticking to it!}

This block is the creation of
Alyssa Thomas from "Penguin and Fish blog"
for Aurafil's
block of the month;
and she has a series of YouTube videos 
detailing it from start to finish...

AND for those of you who love to hand embroidery
like I do...
Her blog features the cutest and
most delightful embroidery
( Note: I have no affiliation with either Alyssa or Auafil
"Squirrel= one
Julierose= zero...
Hugs from afar on this hot, humid afternoon
Julierose, La Blageuse (recovering-euse)

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Santa is all layered up and pinned;
ready for some hand quilting and 
some fancy embroidery--little stars
and such

I added Borders to "O Holy Night"
and it is in the flimsey stage 
right now 
The dark top border signifies nighttime;
the sides reflect stars and moons in gold;
and the bottom is the green earth.

Backing and layering this up will be my next project...
And the 3rd project that has been waiting in the wings forever, it seems.
is my hand made, hand sewn and hand appliqued  
Christmas Hexagons that took me 2-3 years
to finish
Now they are finally sewn into a 
table runner.

I left the center block unadorned except for the 
ring so that I can place a Christmas 
centerpiece there.
There are three hexagon rosettes on either side.

They are hand appliqued onto a silvery, striped gray fabric.

Here are the left three
And the right three,

It just fits my tabletop;
so, I will add some sort of fancy 
edging so that it will hang over the 
table ends...


I am still trying to finish up projects this July;
and when I am not sewing I have picked up
Jean M. Auel's 
Earth's Children Saga with:

"Plains of Passage"
where I left off years ago.
Fascinating reading...;)))

A bit cooler here today and just now our skies have clouded over;
we may get some much needed showers later on...

Take care
Stay safe
Hugs from afar,
Julierose, La Blageuse (finishing-up-euse)

Monday, July 13, 2020


My next Butterfly has come to rest
in my little embroidery basket...

While resting from all things sewing for a few days...
I set up my August Journal Calendar
In my Altered  Book Junk Journal

I've begun to decorate it....with cut outs and
dried out teabag papers & 
fun stuff...

I used:
Sparkley Stickles 
and Distress Ink
as a start...
and sewed a little fabric ruffle for the page edge
such fun...
And here is my Monday Morning design wall 
where my own
"Christmas in July" projects 
are awaiting borders

He's a-comin' ;)))

O Holy Night

I will be making border decisions on these two...


This past week has been relatively quiet;
tomorrow will be a grocery run and
Wednesday I have a dental appointment.

This will be the first time I've come into any close contact
with anyone since early March --
and I am feeling a bit hesitant....;000
They assure me that every precaution will be taken...
But still......

Stay safe
Hugs from afar, 
Julierose, La Blageuse 
(in planning mode-euse)

Saturday, July 11, 2020

S P A M on New Blogger--WARNING

this is just a warning note to all my followers:000

I have, since moving to New Blogger, gotten a lot of really 
bad  AND EXPLICIT comments from anon people...

i have set "no anon: allowed but they are getting through anyway...
So I have reverted back to Legacy blogger...

Just be aware....

Hope you are all doing ok  
Stay safe in all ways
Julierose, La Blageuse (spamming like crazee - euse)


I received this lovely package this week from 
(I cannot figure out the linky --she is a 'blogspot" though)

Beautifully packaged and sorted strips and scraps
Lovely light blues...

Deep, dark reds


Very Vintage Low Volume prints...
A huge assortment..

Aren't they just gorgeous???
Thank you sooo much JulieπŸ’–πŸ’–
What a grand giftπŸ™‡πŸ™‹

What a generous gift--πŸ™Œ

all ironed and separated...
Right now, I am just gazing at them all and
petting them ..πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

this should get my "mojo" moving;)))

Hugs from afar...
Stay safe
Julierose, La Blageuse (grateful-euse)

Thursday, July 9, 2020


My own version
(relying on the floss I had on hand)..

The most difficult part of these cross stitcheries 
is to make each side a mirror image of the other...
I "almost" succeeded...;000
A N D 
After a while stitching, those crosses
begin to move on their own (!!)

[I almost re-named this one "Poor Butterfly" as I had to
un-stitch a lot of the crosses that went all wonky..]

So, a real S L O W stitching project 
for sure...

My next {un-biologically correct} butterfly will
be all shades of pink.

Here is my 4th of July Table topper

Working on this one reminded me
of a funny story my friend Deanna
(who was a music teacher) told me..

She was walking alongside her charges
during a 4th of July Town parade; 
when they weren't playing their instruments
she was to remind the boys marching along to wave their little flags.


In the heat of the moment 
she called out
"Flag your flies, boys!!" 

O O P S E Y ..;000
Typical Deanna;))))
aka Mrs. Malaprop.

I love that waving flag fabric..
All the fabrics, except the white background,
came from a charm pack...

This was a quick and fun project...

And this has been the sum of my sewing over the past two weeks...
I am now at rest after my
Two-week stint:
"Whirling Dervish Act"

I hope you are staying cool in this heat and humidity
Stay safe
~ ~ ~ waving my little flag ~ ~ ~ ;)))
Julierose, La Blageuse (resting-euse)

Monday, July 6, 2020


Monet's Garden

Ready to hand quilt...
Some of you long-time followers will
remember my travails with setting this one up
a few years ago.

Here is a closer peek 
at some of these fabrics...

This was a long term project 
that I finally put together today.

Here is the reverse 
I can picture having tea in the garden
Two of my favorite fun fabrics...
This will be my July-August 
hand quilting project...

Below is the lovely linen storage tote that
a friend of long ago made for me:
thanks, MaryAnn ;)))

I've wanted to work on a piece
with pretty fabrics 
for a bit...

It's way too hot and humid to work on the deck
So I am here in my AC 
deciding on a thread color...
Perhaps this one:↓↓↓
It picks up the border color and some
of the water-ey fabric in the hexagons...

I am planning my next trip to "Hexagonia"
Another "pretty" fabrics one....

Stay safe and stay cool,
Your mask-wearing 
Julierose, La blageuse (Hexagonia-traveler-euse)