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Thursday, July 30, 2020


Falling Stars 
has gone through
a complete change..

I had made these blue wonky stars quite a while ago and while looking through my 
unfinished projects I came upon them....
They just seemed to "go with" my Autumnal stars...
they have metallic gunge star points....
and are on mini charms with tied dyed sky backgrounds
(at least they look like skies and clouds to me)

and the centers are a country Fall landscape 
I've had on hand for a long time...
A very serendipitous kind of morning here.
I will not be using any sashing now...
On the Diamond Painting Front:

I have the first half of my 
Blue Moon
I love the intense colors in this one..
I bought it on amazon in a two pack--

also included was this tree in a sunset sky
this will be the next in line....
I thought the two of them would look good 
framed as a pair.

Here is my work station in one corner of my craft room
Diamond Painting doesn't take up a lot of space
so, it  fits in nicely on that part of the front wall.

[You eagle-eyed viewers may notice an old toothbrush 
in that jar holding implements...

It is used for brushing off any bits of the setting
wax or dust that may get onto the drills...]

I have been spending quite a lot of time that
corner lately...
getting back into the swing of diamond painting.
I have 3 more canvases coming in in the
next few months...
that should hold me for a while...

Stay calm, enjoy your crafting time 
~ ~ ~ waving on another HOT day
Julierose, La Blageuse (keeping busy-euse)


  1. I have a bunch that I need to do, but one at a time! Since I love Christmas I am making those first. My step girls love Christmas as much as I do, so going to frame some for Christmas presents

  2. How fortunate to have found the blue star blocks. These work well with the autumn ones and will make a cute quilt.

  3. The 2 groups of star blocks are wonderful together.

  4. You have been busy unpicking your first star idea, then redoing it with blue stars. Isn't it great to put some of these forgotten blocks to good use!

  5. I've never heard of diamond painting before and am going to have to learn more about it. Your piece is so pretty and sparkly! Your two star blocks together are beautiful!

  6. I like how you worked the 2 different groups of stars into one project. What a great idea!

  7. Your stars were meant to be. The stars aligned for their marriage.

  8. Your stars are great. Love your diamond painting, and your little work area.

  9. Well how fun to find partner stars for your fall ones. They look great together. It was really meant to be. The moon piece really sets a calm peaceful mood.

  10. What a lucky find! The blue and white stars look fantastic together.

  11. Perfect (in reference to the blue and the fall-ish colours)! I think they go together so well. As for the diamond project - I know very little about how they're done, but I thought it was a sticky background that you applied the 'diamonds' to using something like tweezers. And then you mentioned needing a drill. Hmmm....puzzling over that.....


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