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Sunday, August 31, 2014



My daughter, Candice  --our family's computer expert--(thanks honey) sent me this link DMARC which sort of explains what is happening when we try to answer email commenting and getting refused delivery.

 I guess YAHOO and AOL have had major issues with spam (they call it computerbot) and have put this security in place--I don't know if any of you can authorize our re;lies...but I thought I'd post this follow-up for you. ( Sorry for typos--posting with only RH--LH in a thumb/wrist brace.  )

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse-

Friday, August 29, 2014


I am being bound--FINALLY! Hopefully, I will become finished this weekend. 
 I have been bundled onto a hanger in a dark spare room closet  (not at all comfortable, let me say!) for Waaay too long.  I have lost my voice calling out to "You Know Who"  to come and finish me, so I can stretch out on her bed this Winter.  
The light was so bright today when she finally took me out that it took me a while to behave normally so that she (who wields Helga) could put on my binding.  AND  she almost ran out of binding and --shhh-don't tell anyone, but she had to ADD two pieces in the middle!! Hah--that serves her right for not measuring me--I mean really!!) 
She doesn't even know enough to put in a new bobbin--well, beggars can't be choosers I guess and now I am all ironed, pinned and ready and ..................
waiting--AGAIN--something about sore shoulders...hmmpfh!!  

Hopefully yours in waiting : WONDER WOMAN WALL QUILT...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SEA GLASS FINISHED--Just my cup o'tea

Well, here it is ladies! Sea glass--tied, bound and labeled--

a few of my favorite strings and scrappy parts....
Undersea Flowers

Beach birdies

Lighthouse and snow fences...and undersea anemones (lol)

A weathered beach house....
the backing is a KF vases print that I just love and couldn't cut into....

Isn't this just scrumptious???  
And here is the "Just My Cup O' Tea" label
the binding which only shows on the Sea glass side is made up of long strings of very old fabrics:

I like a wide binding..I know it's not in vogue--but I think it adds to this scene...
and the "stars are in their heavens and all is well with my world today"

Hugs to you all, Julierose La Blageuse  

P.S.  now for the "Wonder Women Woven Wall" --but after I rest my shoulders....

Sunday, August 17, 2014


as the sun descends, we leave the River to the night.....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Six of the 12 Ladies done; I will most likely be adding more embellishments to each one, but I usually find myself reaching a point where nothing looks good and so, stop there.

Here is the latest one finished +/- lol

She is Star Lady....

I have, it seems, hurt my right foot--I did turn my ankle two days ago and now my instep kills!!
So, no foot pedaling on my machine or my piano, for that matter.  And yesterday I walked, but had to quilt early as it began to ache.

On the weight loss front:
I've been going off Atkins a bit at a time and re-gaining weight every day that I eat "normally"!!  Now, what does that say about 1) Atkins and 2) my eating habits of a lifetime???? Aaargh.
All I know is that I am heartily SICK OF SALAD!!! I have been on it since last September.....
I had taken 30 lbs off and now it's more like 25-27...a quandry for sure.  I guess that you cannot go on for 2-3 days and then off for a day without gaining back some poundage ( oof-dah!!)

I took out all my unfinished projects and spread them out--I am not really interested in any of them--What in the World is going on???  It's "Blah City" around here ...

ON THE EMAIL FRONT--I am unable to reply to many of your emails--that DMARC which is not on my system refuses to allow my replies EVEN if I did not initiate the emailing back and forth.  So, I will have to limit myself to answering you in your comments section for the world to see....not always the best thing.  Can you tell I am UPSET?????

I did finish up washing, ironing and re-folding all my batiks this week--so at least, I accomplished that!
I guess I may have a case of the blahs...do you get those often??  Maybe I could give them away to someone who would like to finish them up....

Hugs, have a great weekend--I'll be hand stitching on Star Lady  Julierose, La blageuse

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DMARC Anyone????

To all you computer savvy bloggers out there--I keep getting email failures called DMARC when I try to respond to a lot of your emails...I don't know why...So it's not that I don't want to respond to your emails, but that I CANNOT!!
Am I going to have to use this method from now on?????




Monday, August 11, 2014

FABRIC WASHING BREAK-- (Moo-ving ahead)


I am taking a fabric washing break for a bit; yes, the sneezing, sniffles have made me come to a decision--

it all has to be washed and ironed and folded and then re-organized!!  

Today is red batiks day...both my DH and I have allergies and I find that when I am handling my fabrics--especially when going through scraps--I get very heady!!

I am sure you can imagine just HOW BIG a project this is!!  But I am hoping that the re-distribution of my fabrics and the folding (I have to look up the different ways to fold again!) will make my fabrics easier to find....

It is just SO HUMID here today: Dewpoint is 70 and climbing...aaargh--so really, a good day to stay in AC and start this journey. 

(VENTING--you can stop reading here..;--000:)

This has been one of "those" days: Each of our two cars has a leaking tire--down 5 lbs last night--so DH and I took one to our local Gas Station and he told us that the CRV's tire was unsalvage-able...something about where the rim meets the tire--(mechanic talk!!) so now we are awaiting a call tomorrow as they had to order one for us.  ANd the other tire on the FIT is next--tomorrow I guess--but someone has to be here to get the "call" on the other tire, too!!  {SIGH}

AND--our water dispenser on our fridge has been dripping for a bit--this morning the cup underneath it was almost FULL just overnight!!  We sent for a part and hopefully DH can --with a YouTube video fix it--or it's a new fridge for us! Not an expense we really want to have now after tiling two bathrooms....

And so it goes......

I did finish making some cute little lined snack baggies for Fiona's starting preschool this Fall.  

Oh and the foot pedal on my vintage singer is totally unmanageable--it's not just moi--my good friend MA was over here on Friday and she agreed.  (So, another aaargh!!) My I am a whiner today!!  

I am continuing with my handwork on Nouveau Lady No 4 and my Christmas 'Ghan.
Hugs to you all--I am Julierose, La blageuse looking forward to tomorrow lol

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Look what I got in the mail today!!  A new-to-me vintage singer 301A has come to play...a straight stitcher.  I can't wait to get it threaded and the bobbins wound and let 'er rip...Randy at Barrister's Block  recommended me to her sewing machine guy as interested in getting a straight stitch mechanical machine.

I have this old wooden desk of my Grand'mere's with one front drawer and a tray that pulls out to put her on....

See that little sliding table??  that should be really useful I think.

That's my exciting news for the day gals....

I hope I can figure it all out--trial and error I guess--am looking forward to 1/4" seams!!  Fingers crossed--



Sunday, August 3, 2014

PART DEUX & more

And here is the center table topper that I made this morning to go with those placemats.  It is really all we two need as we have most of our meals on our blue countertop...see my little mug from our Italy trip--cute, huh?? Just love little creamers like that...

I love the old world look of this basket, and those wave-y blue lines made it easy to quilt on my machine...YAY!!

I like the way this sits with the mats not exactly matching (kinda like moi!!) but setting them off.  

This was my fun Sunday sewing jag....then DH and I went down to the beach (in the rain--but just sprinkling a bit really) to give our Kota a good run--she ran around in circles and played tag with the larger than usual waves....we got home all sandy but happily  exhausted--a tired doggie is a good doggie!! ;--)))

I just wish this gloomy weather would leave us and a nice Canadian cold front would sweep over us here and demolish our high dewpoints.  

Hug to all of you, Julierose, La Blageuse 

Oh P.S.  I took down that disappointing scrap quilt--pinned the blocks together and hung them away in my closet--perhaps some distance will make me like it later on.  Sooo, two quilts to bind for now....then more little 9-patchers, and some petit squares in a cute little block and my handwork.  (Phew, that was a long P>S>!!!!)

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I had these leftovers that didn't make it into my "Blues-ey" quilt; so, they are now placemats for DH and me--a sort of test to see how to do that fold over binding --

I also made matching napkins..

Lesson learned about quilting small items like this (new for moi!)--use darker or matching thread to avoid seeing wave-y lines....fyi: my machine quilting needs work.

But I think they go well with our everyday dinner plates--they are actually not that gold color--must be reflection from overhead lighting--they are  beige.  

I hope you are all having a terrific weekend.  I am waiting for a VERY SPECIAL package which is due to arrive this coming Tuesday....more on this later....

I've set up Helga with her walking foot and put quilting thread on her; due to attach some binding on Sea Glass--I finally made the binding....now to get myself to do it!!  A good friend of mine says that finishing is the least creative part of quilting and that's why we all drag our feet on it....I totally agree...

A Bientot, Julierose, La Blageuse