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Saturday, August 2, 2014


I had these leftovers that didn't make it into my "Blues-ey" quilt; so, they are now placemats for DH and me--a sort of test to see how to do that fold over binding --

I also made matching napkins..

Lesson learned about quilting small items like this (new for moi!)--use darker or matching thread to avoid seeing wave-y lines....fyi: my machine quilting needs work.

But I think they go well with our everyday dinner plates--they are actually not that gold color--must be reflection from overhead lighting--they are  beige.  

I hope you are all having a terrific weekend.  I am waiting for a VERY SPECIAL package which is due to arrive this coming Tuesday....more on this later....

I've set up Helga with her walking foot and put quilting thread on her; due to attach some binding on Sea Glass--I finally made the binding....now to get myself to do it!!  A good friend of mine says that finishing is the least creative part of quilting and that's why we all drag our feet on it....I totally agree...

A Bientot, Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. Love your placemats. They would be a great project for my "new to quilting" Grandgirl. I've come up with the idea of a quilt kit made up from my stash. They used to make quilts without a sewing machine... She seems keen on the idea - she likes blue. I think I'll blog about it, too. Thanks for the spark of creative genius. If she doesn't make it to quilt she might make it to placemats. It's a new wifey thing to do, right?

  2. It didn't even rain here today. Just a gloomy day. Love your place mats! Great idea for leftover blocks.

  3. Oh now I know why I often get stuck with finishing a project. Thanks for enlightenment me ;)! Your place mats are lovely and perfect for every day use as they probably won't show every little stain. Well done!

  4. Our placemats are lovely - what a great way to use those leftover blocks! The machine finished binding looks very tidy. Have fun quilting!

  5. Neat placemats! Love the pattern and colour.


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