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Monday, August 11, 2014

FABRIC WASHING BREAK-- (Moo-ving ahead)


I am taking a fabric washing break for a bit; yes, the sneezing, sniffles have made me come to a decision--

it all has to be washed and ironed and folded and then re-organized!!  

Today is red batiks day...both my DH and I have allergies and I find that when I am handling my fabrics--especially when going through scraps--I get very heady!!

I am sure you can imagine just HOW BIG a project this is!!  But I am hoping that the re-distribution of my fabrics and the folding (I have to look up the different ways to fold again!) will make my fabrics easier to find....

It is just SO HUMID here today: Dewpoint is 70 and climbing...aaargh--so really, a good day to stay in AC and start this journey. 

(VENTING--you can stop reading here..;--000:)

This has been one of "those" days: Each of our two cars has a leaking tire--down 5 lbs last night--so DH and I took one to our local Gas Station and he told us that the CRV's tire was unsalvage-able...something about where the rim meets the tire--(mechanic talk!!) so now we are awaiting a call tomorrow as they had to order one for us.  ANd the other tire on the FIT is next--tomorrow I guess--but someone has to be here to get the "call" on the other tire, too!!  {SIGH}

AND--our water dispenser on our fridge has been dripping for a bit--this morning the cup underneath it was almost FULL just overnight!!  We sent for a part and hopefully DH can --with a YouTube video fix it--or it's a new fridge for us! Not an expense we really want to have now after tiling two bathrooms....

And so it goes......

I did finish making some cute little lined snack baggies for Fiona's starting preschool this Fall.  

Oh and the foot pedal on my vintage singer is totally unmanageable--it's not just moi--my good friend MA was over here on Friday and she agreed.  (So, another aaargh!!) My I am a whiner today!!  

I am continuing with my handwork on Nouveau Lady No 4 and my Christmas 'Ghan.
Hugs to you all--I am Julierose, La blageuse looking forward to tomorrow lol


  1. Gee, that cow design is cute. I made a similar one years ago from a Debbie Mumm design.

  2. Oh my your not having a great day are you? Well, I just left the sewing room for the same reason. I forgot to cut the fabric on my wonky star and then when I unpicked the seam to do it I cut off the star point instead of the backing. I should have said Cowabunga instead of what I probably did. LOL At least you have Cowabunga to look forward to. Hope your tire and dripping issues pass so you can moooooooooove forward.

  3. What a time you're having!!!
    Love the thought that you may post a picture of your Cowabunga when she's finished. I read a blog by Mary Lou Weidmann (hope that spelling is correct) and she has lots of colourful patchwork cows on her blog.
    Hope the rest of your week is better than the beginning.

  4. I love that cow, too, and bought the book so that someday I'll get around to making a MOO-ving quilt of my own.

  5. Oh dear, I hope the rest of your week gets better! Our fridge has a leak somewhere and my hubbie's way of dealing with it is to throw a towel on the floor to absorb the leaking water--yeesh! That cow block is a cutie.

  6. Sorry you are having so many troubles, but you are having some wonderful events, too, like the start of kindergarten. What a wonderous time.
    Look forward to your Moo-to-do, I am.


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