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Sunday, August 3, 2014

PART DEUX & more

And here is the center table topper that I made this morning to go with those placemats.  It is really all we two need as we have most of our meals on our blue countertop...see my little mug from our Italy trip--cute, huh?? Just love little creamers like that...

I love the old world look of this basket, and those wave-y blue lines made it easy to quilt on my machine...YAY!!

I like the way this sits with the mats not exactly matching (kinda like moi!!) but setting them off.  

This was my fun Sunday sewing jag....then DH and I went down to the beach (in the rain--but just sprinkling a bit really) to give our Kota a good run--she ran around in circles and played tag with the larger than usual waves....we got home all sandy but happily  exhausted--a tired doggie is a good doggie!! ;--)))

I just wish this gloomy weather would leave us and a nice Canadian cold front would sweep over us here and demolish our high dewpoints.  

Hug to all of you, Julierose, La Blageuse 

Oh P.S.  I took down that disappointing scrap quilt--pinned the blocks together and hung them away in my closet--perhaps some distance will make me like it later on.  Sooo, two quilts to bind for now....then more little 9-patchers, and some petit squares in a cute little block and my handwork.  (Phew, that was a long P>S>!!!!)


  1. Placemats and table topper are great little projects. Your post of the nine patches made me go back to Barb's post and try them out. I too ended up with a table topper. I am going to make some more cause they are fun and the partial pkg of civil war charms will finally get used. Maybe someday they will turn into a little quilt. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Very pretty. I love that basket fabric, I recently bought some from that same line. It was on clearance and I could not resist!

  3. I have some placemats in the works too. Mine will just sit on the dining room table for decoration as it is rare to eat in that room.


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