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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Six of the 12 Ladies done; I will most likely be adding more embellishments to each one, but I usually find myself reaching a point where nothing looks good and so, stop there.

Here is the latest one finished +/- lol

She is Star Lady....

I have, it seems, hurt my right foot--I did turn my ankle two days ago and now my instep kills!!
So, no foot pedaling on my machine or my piano, for that matter.  And yesterday I walked, but had to quilt early as it began to ache.

On the weight loss front:
I've been going off Atkins a bit at a time and re-gaining weight every day that I eat "normally"!!  Now, what does that say about 1) Atkins and 2) my eating habits of a lifetime???? Aaargh.
All I know is that I am heartily SICK OF SALAD!!! I have been on it since last September.....
I had taken 30 lbs off and now it's more like 25-27...a quandry for sure.  I guess that you cannot go on for 2-3 days and then off for a day without gaining back some poundage ( oof-dah!!)

I took out all my unfinished projects and spread them out--I am not really interested in any of them--What in the World is going on???  It's "Blah City" around here ...

ON THE EMAIL FRONT--I am unable to reply to many of your emails--that DMARC which is not on my system refuses to allow my replies EVEN if I did not initiate the emailing back and forth.  So, I will have to limit myself to answering you in your comments section for the world to see....not always the best thing.  Can you tell I am UPSET?????

I did finish up washing, ironing and re-folding all my batiks this week--so at least, I accomplished that!
I guess I may have a case of the blahs...do you get those often??  Maybe I could give them away to someone who would like to finish them up....

Hugs, have a great weekend--I'll be hand stitching on Star Lady  Julierose, La blageuse


  1. Hope your ankle heals soon, sounds like a nuisance. And good on you with the weight you HAVE lost :-) Your ladies are looking good! Wishing you a blah-free day!

    1. Oh thanks Raewyn--I am taking Aleve for the instep/ankle whatever and hoping that it'll heal so I can walk and machine sew soon. i the meantime, i am crocheting on my Christmas -Ghan and loving it....hugs, Julierose

  2. Sorry about your foot troubles. It's awful that it keeps you from the sewing machine. My knee control isn't getting used either because my whole leg is laid up. Sciatica nerve... really bad this time.
    Love your Ladies. They are coming along nicely.

    1. thank you Terri for your kind comment! i am getting a little tired of the "Ladies"--and have moved over to my Christmas Crochet Ghan--putting strips together which is really fun. Sorry to hear about your sciatica..not fun at all! Hopefully you will feel better soon and get back to your wonderful projects....hugs, Julierose

  3. Well you certainly have been busy. Hope yours foot starts to feel better soon.
    Love your ladies, especially the darling little flower embellishment on Star Lady.

  4. Congratulations on the weigh loss front! I think your weight will balance out after a while and you'll stop putting on weight again. I can't imagine being on Atkins for ever. Your blocks look lovely by the way and I hope your foot is improving fast so you can sew and play the piano again. xx

  5. Your ladies are so pretty! I hope your foot heals quickly--I have a lot of arthritis in my feet, but walking seems to help (although the first 10-15 minutes are agony--lol!).

  6. the ladies are coming along nicely. will be a pretty quilt. hope you get back to your self soon with no aches and pains. it stinks when pain interferes with living. I have the blahs too. not enough hours in the day to do what I want.


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