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I would love for you to join me (a retired senior)in my zany crafting adventures with quilting (waaaaay too much fabric); scrapbooking (will I ever catch up?); redwork; counted cross stitch; crossword puzzles; reading; and cooking.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


                                                        "Borst, of Courst" 
I have begun big stitching Dawn's Stone Soup challenge with fabrics from
the five participants and my own backgrounds...
Here is the reverse "label" star side naming all the donees....

This star block was also made using only the swapped fabrics...such a fun project.
Our thanks to Dawn for challenging us to come up with an "idea"....;)))

I am linking up with KATHY at this Sunday as I will be (very!) slow 
stitching  on this while watching the Red Sox game...
It is 54 degrees right now--not QUITE balmy enough to sit out on our deck--
so cnear and yet....so far from warmth....

Sunday dinner will be chicken and rice casserole---with strawberries and 
cream for dessert...💖💖💖
Julierose La blageuse (slow stitching-euse_

Thursday, March 28, 2019


                                  Here are my "Stringing Along" squares.... 

I am using leftovers from Stone Soup and Snowballs...
but there are a LOT OF THEM!  ↡↡↡  

                                                              See what I mean? aaargh

I am trying to use up leftover bits as I go instead of shoving them into
plastic bags....we'll see how this goes....

Speaking of SEEING....
I had my YAG surgery Tuesday and my vision is so crystal clear now --even with just that
one eye done!! 

I am on eye drops through tomorrow; and then, they will
do my left eye at the end of April....
What a relief to be able to see and drive once more...

I want to thank all of you who sent prayers and good wishes for my
surgery....I really appreciate your warm thoughts....💓💓💓
Hubby had a laser surgery present awaiting me upon my return home...
Just in time for Baseball Season to start up...he's definitely
a "Keeper"...

Hugs from (still chilly) CT,
Julierose, La Blageuse (back, baby-euse)

Friday, March 1, 2019


              I will be taking a break--for a little while 
              I need some work done on my vision--

         I am finding screens more and more difficult to read...
             Nothing really serious, just a little laser work... 

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse