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Sunday, January 29, 2017

SUNDAY FUN (short and sweet.).

Valentine's Day Surprise for my hubster...side one----
 I love that French text, don't you? 


Voila Side Deux:

         Every guy needs a few dancing girls, right LOL ;)))

I had so much fun making this one, and cut way too many squares
 I've begun another:

Here it is all set up and ready to sew...my little mini iron works a treat with
ironing all those small seams....
Here is a close up of this B&W background print...

Oh.... an Ice Cream Parlor--could this be in our future?? yummy

And that's it for today..I have a quilting/knitting friend dropping over soon...

hugs to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing small-euse)

Friday, January 27, 2017


                                     CHRISTMAS DAY STRAWBERRY
                    Strawberry Trifle DESSERT on Christmas Day dinner.

We've each made one:

Candice--- hers used Heath bars (be still my heart);
Lindsay's--which was a work of art with strawberries and blueberries;
moi--strawberries, bananas, and sherry wine-- pound cake slices, sliced almonds &topped with real whipped cream...
and sometimes chocolate curls...yum

(pardon me while I catch my breath....)
And So....anyhoo....(Below)

I wanted to finish February's blocks early as my hubster is going to have
his 2nd eye op on February 13th and I wanted to finish this little
fabric "card"  for him so I can hand quilt it...(shhhh); I am 
sentimental about Valentine's Day (not to mention that I 
[heart] chocolate and roses, too...)

I used the chart from an old Norwegian knitting book ( that was
my Grand-mere's book)  for the heart chart pattern;
and I cut all the squares at 1.5" ...it is nice soothing work--FUN!!

 My word for 2017 ;))))

This is how it is coming along...

So far, only the vertical rows are sewn; I want to get this little present ready for my Sweetie for Valentine's Day along with his favorite chocolate mints.
He has progressed really well with the first eye--doc said he is a fast healer...which is great.... and he has had a plethora of medical issues these
past two years--I am hoping this will cheer him up a bit...  

Hugs, and thanks to all you wonderful commentators-- 
I love reading your encouraging words--
for my version of Farm Girl Vintage--
and all my projects 
(and my moaning and whining, too;0000)

I am calling the FG blocks:

"Christmas on Pipere's Farm" 

Julierose, La Blageuse { secret sewing-euse}

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


                                                        Farm Girl 

--here are my two latest  6.5" blocks 

The Milk Can is on the right

(getting out milk to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve;)


Pumpkin is on the left 
(for the piece of pie we left for him..ho ho ho!).

The Pumpkin is all pieced-up as this was the last pumpkin
from our patch ;))) LOL

I used some small, older, pre-sewn, leftover pieces to make these and used up
(unfortunately) the rest of that snow-ey background...I will have to dive
into my blue leftovers to see what other sky prints I have...

All these blocks will eventually be embroidered and possible beaded...
I can't wait for that part...;))))
small piecing like this is hard for me with my
arthritic hands....at least I can SEE now
(altho' I can also see all the mistakes--- aaargh!!) 

Next in line is the Strawberry block--the 2nd one for February..
I have all its pieces cut out...I couldn't find any older pre-pieced ones
this time, though.  :000 maybe I will have to sew some "made fabric"
but i have a month to do it in...I like the pieced look in those blocks.

On the Home front:

My daughter is driving down here to have dinner with us this evening
and see her Dad after his operation...
we haven't seen her in a long while, so this is a treat.
I have made a big crockpot full of beef stew and am 
serving snowflake rolls to go with;
along with  strawberries and ice cream for dessert...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (memories from Pipere's dairy farm-euse)

Monday, January 23, 2017


"Bossie" is awaiting some embroidery and a backing and hand quilting
--but she is done --            my second finish of 2017...

(She is the first block I made for the Farm Girl group I joined...we are using Lori Holt's book: "Farm Girl Vintage" for the inspiration and blocks...some are 12" and some only 6"--and....since Bossie here had 23 pieces,
 I know--imagine?......I quickly decided to make her at the 12" size...
(ya think-???-) although
one of the  girls made her in the  6" version--;00000

I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth for that one!! Although Jacky did a wonderful job on making BOTH sizes--way to go, Jacky...;)))

 Dawn  at "sewyouquilt2" (click on "Dawn" to go to her site) is hosting along with Jacky (who has no blog--as yet--we are trying to enable her...heh heh;)))

They announce 2 blocks per month.  So far, I am WAAY behind-
although, I do have my "Milkcan" block all cut out and waiting to go.

I had all those 2.5" squares leftover from my Postage Stamp Swap last year and
so decided to use them up.  Yup--this year is "FUN using it up"!! 

That old (really really old!) paisley on the borders had just the right red and green and gold for my Christmas table topper.  
Every year I set our table for Christmas dinner and say "I wish I had made MYSELF a Christmas topper"--
here it is--at long last...it will look nice, I think, on either my dark green tablecloth or my gold one....

Now to get to my four labels for the grandkids' going away to college quilts that I made last year--the last  of the BIG quilts for me....

Julierose, La Blageuse (moo-ving-euse)  promise I won't say these things anymoooore!! ;0000

P.S.  my hubster thought it was a reindeer and asked where the antlers were...
hopefully it's because he just had a cataract op and cannot see that well!!!
Also, he may have a problem with udders on a reindeer--ya think??

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Here is my first attempt at a very complicated block-23 pieces...
for the Farm Gal group I have decided to join in on...
                                 Am I crazee or what???

              [Note: she needs a face and a tail to be embroidered later] ; 

                   I call her "The First Moo-el"; LOL;0000

She is all Christmas fabric scraps leftover from years of making little 
Holiday mug rugs as gifts....

Can you see what I see, though?

Something is wrong with this picture...hmmmmm

After I got her all together (despite her bossing me around hahaha) 

I saw that:
                    her horns are UPSIDE-DOWN :>0000 --ACK!!!

There is no way I am going to take her apart...
that would be udderly riculous...

I learned something in the making of this block--it is not so much
my seam allowances that are off--(nor my spatial abilities, altho'
as witnessed by the horns they are not so great!!)

It is my CUTTING!! 
I'll have to work on being more precise....any hints, ladies????

Julierose, La Blageuse (bovine-euse)
P.S.  linking up with Nina Marie 's party this week

Sunday, January 15, 2017

GOAL #1 (with tea)

Connor's quilt is all quilted now;  simply, with horizontal and vertical lines making boxes..

and I cut, sewed and ironed the binding strips this morning.

I decided on black and white to show on the Red Rhythm side...
with none-- or just a smidge-- showing on the landscape side...

(I store all my bindings on toilet tissue rolls-- (;)))--and pin the end...
I had some leftovers from another quilt, so just added to the length 
with these prints... I have to make sure I have enough 
to go around--
(ask me how many times I've come up short --;000).

                                 (Sorry for the blur...ack!!)

 I've used black and white along with black and grey scraps for this binding--hoping to begin sewing it on tomorrow--bindings are
always a struggle for me..but I know, once I start, it will be ok...;)))

So, I am still working on goal # 1--which is to finish Connor's quilt-
It's getting there-- in between bouts of back issues, and stomach bugs--

Then; Goal #2 is to make 4 quilt labels and attach them....

I usually use muslin and a permanent ink pen to ink in the words
over my light box...(using a lined piece of freezer paper to lay it out

but, I get ahead of myself...

Hope you are all enjoying this Sunday.  It is sunny here, and with the newly fallen snow, very bright and....sparkley..so pretty. 

Julierose, La Blageuse (goal-oriented-euse)

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Helga and I are at the starting line.....

And we're OFF...

I managed to get the first half quilted this morning ...
tomorrow I will be doing the 2nd half...

Then I walked my first 10 min on "Trevor" (our treadmill) out of 30...
I plan to hop on Trev and do another two 10 min segments...

My cold seems to be getting better at last...

And, here is my first paltry effort at drawing les femmes...

Part of my art goals--to draw faces and then learn to color them in realistically...
I've added my own had altered papers and stamps...

AND.. Farm Girl ladies (Dawnie, Barbara, Jackie, Collette aka Rheema):

 .....I acutally CUT OUT  those 23 pieces for my Cow block...can you guess where I'm going with these blocks???

Whether or not they will go together remains to be seen...I've labeled them and put them to one side until Helga feels she is ready to sew a "scant" 1/4" seam--that girl is SO Stubborn--she just doesn't like to sew 1/4" seams or straight ones either!! LOL ;)))

The rains rained down last night and all of our snow is gone--which doesn't make me sad at all.....it is 53 degrees right now...
Julierose, La Blageuse (quilt-euse)

Friday, January 6, 2017


What do all these quilts that I've made have in common??

They all have an underlying pattern for sure....but...

I have definitely strayed from that pattern and done
my own thing in each case. 

My New Year's word for quilting is 


I mean, you can tell just by looking at these that I truly enjoyed making them.

the first one dates from mid-90's (shhh --I used
a yellow marker to make those dots in the rose centers)

the beach houses were inspired by someone's blog post (sorry, I don't recall who it was) but I liked making those free form parts and then putting the blocks together free form...and all done by hand.

the third wall hanging

 (Oh and that's the other thing--they are all smallish)

was from an online class with Jude Hill, and
again, I strayed--she like the top but not the bottom) but--
and this is the important thing--I LIKE the whole thing.

And my Crazy Quilt pictured lastly, 
was a whole Summer of sitting on my back deck and 
hand sewing a bit each day, adding all kinds of 
scrapbook- like ephemera:
laces, appliques, beads, ribbons--
what great fun to riffle through my "fancies" stash 
and audition placements and think up ideas...

this being said :

I was totally enabled by two of my blog friends

(who shall herein remain anonymous,
 but you know who you are gals ;))) )....

To join into a their year- long "Piece-a-Thon"--I even got the
book-- Farm Girl and.....when I leafed through it....

SHAZAMMMM !!!!;0000

23 pieces in one block????
Are you really serious--

Well, not my style at all, gals...
I will be taking the "ideas" in that book and 
drafting my own versions---
that won't give me  nightmares--

there are waaaay too many
1/4" seam crossings for this ole gal....
makes me very nervous just looking at the directions..

Heavens, oh my gosh...I am sure you all will
be flying through all those blocks with ease...

that ;))))

My pieces will look VERY different--and as I am learning to draw
 in my art pursuit this year --AND
I thought I'd take a page from Mary Lou Weidman
 (if you've never read her books --do, and you are in for a huge treat) 
first of all DRAW my own version of a 
a bossie, a Moo-person, 
A Moooolin Rouge

(Udderly groaning here)


Stay tuned 
I will show my stabs at drawing my own cow..
but maybe you won't want to see that..just


avert your eyes, and mooove on...

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (bovine-euse)

(How do I stop this centered text???aaargh)

P.S.  I go and get my final check up and get my
glasses today--YAY only a few more days of drops .

Sunday, January 1, 2017

GOAL ONE--Step One

                        Here's where I left off--the top and batting are QAYG together...

Now to figure out:  just what was I going to do??  
Hmmmmm...I didn't leave myself any helpful notes; don't you hate to leave off a project in the middle??? Re-entry is always a bear  ;0000

Well, one little step at a time.

A.   Set up dining table for quilt basting...(this is actually a sweater blocker
board, but is really great for pin basting as I can slide it around so I don't have to reach too far....)

B.   Pull quilt plus backing fabrics out of "Closet of Shame " 

(phew, at least I had them all hanging together--will wonders never cease??
--just sayin')..;)))

The scene on the left is one of a fisherman , streams and mountains (Connor has just found "fishing" and loves it); the little foxes will border this scene to add width....I like that muted green behind the little foxes...it picks up the dark green in the scenic print nicely...a quieter backing to offset those 
"rockin' reds" on the front...

C.   Next Step: sit down and ice my back--and....that's it for today 
(this step comes to you from the hubster--"You're done for the day"!)

I am sipping the remains of my morning coffee and planning on a big salad for dinner--oh joy!  Back to some kind of try at weight loss regimin.  :0000

Oh...didn't I  add that to my Goals listing; hmmm how come that one slipped my mind--quien sabe? Not able to ROTF&LOL... 

Anyhoo, a quiet first day of the New Year....
Julierose, La Blageuse (on the road back to quilting-euse)