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Sunday, January 1, 2017

GOAL ONE--Step One

                        Here's where I left off--the top and batting are QAYG together...

Now to figure out:  just what was I going to do??  
Hmmmmm...I didn't leave myself any helpful notes; don't you hate to leave off a project in the middle??? Re-entry is always a bear  ;0000

Well, one little step at a time.

A.   Set up dining table for quilt basting...(this is actually a sweater blocker
board, but is really great for pin basting as I can slide it around so I don't have to reach too far....)

B.   Pull quilt plus backing fabrics out of "Closet of Shame " 

(phew, at least I had them all hanging together--will wonders never cease??
--just sayin')..;)))

The scene on the left is one of a fisherman , streams and mountains (Connor has just found "fishing" and loves it); the little foxes will border this scene to add width....I like that muted green behind the little foxes...it picks up the dark green in the scenic print nicely...a quieter backing to offset those 
"rockin' reds" on the front...

C.   Next Step: sit down and ice my back--and....that's it for today 
(this step comes to you from the hubster--"You're done for the day"!)

I am sipping the remains of my morning coffee and planning on a big salad for dinner--oh joy!  Back to some kind of try at weight loss regimin.  :0000

Oh...didn't I  add that to my Goals listing; hmmm how come that one slipped my mind--quien sabe? Not able to ROTF&LOL... 

Anyhoo, a quiet first day of the New Year....
Julierose, La Blageuse (on the road back to quilting-euse)


  1. Hello Julierose,

    Connor's quilt is beautiful! Good luck with the quilting part!
    Happy New Year & hugs back, Carolien

  2. Yay you got something started even if it doesn't feel like much to you.

  3. I always love the backing to be quite opposite of the front. Makes it easier on the recipient, I think. They can display it either way.
    Sorry you are having back issues. I'm having some of that too. Getting older is not for sissies.

  4. Happy New Year! Do whatever you want to and what makes you comfy and happy!!

  5. One step at a time! Can't wait to see the next step.

  6. Happy new year! It's nice you can get back to your old pursuits, but it sounds like step C is very important. Just as well the Mister was there to enforce it.

  7. Good to see you have made a start - you're one step ahead of me!! I am still thinking. I am a "fox fan" so love your fabric.

  8. Hope your back is better. Definitely take care of yourself first before getting these projects done. You're getting the new year off to a good start!

  9. Hmmm. I check back on the blog to see what I was thinking of for UFO projects. Sometimes I find the answer. Rest and relax that back - don't want a relapse. Weight management is on mine too - going out to Chili's tonight with DH for fijatas and chips and salsa was yummy but not a big help for healthy eating.

  10. I hope the road back gets smoother as you go along!

  11. Love this post. It is nice that your hubby will remind you to rest. Your getting back into it slowly but surely. Very wise.

  12. So funny! I don't know how many times I've pulled a project out of a bin (I think I need a closet of shame) and have no clue what it is and how to move forward. Sometimes I've actually written myself notes--I need to do that a lot more often--haha! I hope you meet your goals!

  13. Bonne et heureuse nouvelle année JulieRose ! Grosses bises :)

  14. Your salad comment made me smile......I'm in agreement with you. Take care of your self! Happy New Year

  15. Sounds like you're more organized than you thought you were! I like your strategy of opposite front and back. makes sense to me!

  16. LOLOL 'La Blageuse'. Great idea as to using the sweater blocker! I'm using a carpet today for the very same job... And oh yes, bear is a good word, a nicer word than one that comes to my mind ha, for trying to figure just what the heck and how the heck and where the heck was I when bringing an old WIP to the surface...


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