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Friday, January 27, 2017


                                     CHRISTMAS DAY STRAWBERRY
                    Strawberry Trifle DESSERT on Christmas Day dinner.

We've each made one:

Candice--- hers used Heath bars (be still my heart);
Lindsay's--which was a work of art with strawberries and blueberries;
moi--strawberries, bananas, and sherry wine-- pound cake slices, sliced almonds &topped with real whipped cream...
and sometimes chocolate curls...yum

(pardon me while I catch my breath....)
And So....anyhoo....(Below)

I wanted to finish February's blocks early as my hubster is going to have
his 2nd eye op on February 13th and I wanted to finish this little
fabric "card"  for him so I can hand quilt it...(shhhh); I am 
sentimental about Valentine's Day (not to mention that I 
[heart] chocolate and roses, too...)

I used the chart from an old Norwegian knitting book ( that was
my Grand-mere's book)  for the heart chart pattern;
and I cut all the squares at 1.5" ...it is nice soothing work--FUN!!

 My word for 2017 ;))))

This is how it is coming along...

So far, only the vertical rows are sewn; I want to get this little present ready for my Sweetie for Valentine's Day along with his favorite chocolate mints.
He has progressed really well with the first eye--doc said he is a fast healer...which is great.... and he has had a plethora of medical issues these
past two years--I am hoping this will cheer him up a bit...  

Hugs, and thanks to all you wonderful commentators-- 
I love reading your encouraging words--
for my version of Farm Girl Vintage--
and all my projects 
(and my moaning and whining, too;0000)

I am calling the FG blocks:

"Christmas on Pipere's Farm" 

Julierose, La Blageuse { secret sewing-euse}


  1. Oh my, Julierose. I love your version of the Scrappy Strawberry. It will make a nice gift for your sweetie.

    I'm happy to hear his first eye surgery went well.

  2. Wow look at you go! Love your strawberry block. And your giftie for the hubby is going to be so fabulous.

  3. L.O.V.E. the strawberry! Your recipe sounds yummy, too. WOW and a lovely heart (card). You have been busy. Glad I tuned in later in the day to see it all.

  4. Your block looks delicious! I'm sure your husband will love it, hope he shares his chocolates with you!

  5. love love love it! and hubs gift is so sweet and awesome. I think I will be over your house for some strawberry trifle and sample each one, eh? LOL Christmas on Pipere's farm is coming along nicely...


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