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Sunday, January 15, 2017

GOAL #1 (with tea)

Connor's quilt is all quilted now;  simply, with horizontal and vertical lines making boxes..

and I cut, sewed and ironed the binding strips this morning.

I decided on black and white to show on the Red Rhythm side...
with none-- or just a smidge-- showing on the landscape side...

(I store all my bindings on toilet tissue rolls-- (;)))--and pin the end...
I had some leftovers from another quilt, so just added to the length 
with these prints... I have to make sure I have enough 
to go around--
(ask me how many times I've come up short --;000).

                                 (Sorry for the blur...ack!!)

 I've used black and white along with black and grey scraps for this binding--hoping to begin sewing it on tomorrow--bindings are
always a struggle for me..but I know, once I start, it will be ok...;)))

So, I am still working on goal # 1--which is to finish Connor's quilt-
It's getting there-- in between bouts of back issues, and stomach bugs--

Then; Goal #2 is to make 4 quilt labels and attach them....

I usually use muslin and a permanent ink pen to ink in the words
over my light box...(using a lined piece of freezer paper to lay it out

but, I get ahead of myself...

Hope you are all enjoying this Sunday.  It is sunny here, and with the newly fallen snow, very bright and....sparkley..so pretty. 

Julierose, La Blageuse (goal-oriented-euse)


  1. You are almost there on Goal #1. I like the idea of wrapping your binding on an empty toilet paper roll. I think I'll try that trick.

  2. Congrats on getting the quilting done. I don't like attaching the binding either, except that it is the last step to calling the quilt finished so it is good in that way. That binding will look great on the quilt.

  3. January thaw here, it's only 19, but melty in some places. Love your storage of binding. I'm going to try that.
    I use my walking foot when sewing on the binding, and on the last 3 I sewed onto the back first then onto the front with the sewing machine. Works great!

  4. What a very good idea for storing your binding! Like Terri I always use my walking foot for binding, makes the job much easier. I've done both sewing from the back first and also from the front, I always worry that when not sewing by hand that my stitches will show very unevenly on the quilt front.

  5. I am with Terri on the machine binding. It works great everytime. Sometimes I sew it on the back and sometimes the front depending on what it is I am binding. Nice projects.

  6. Can't wait to see the quilt with the binding finished! Hurray!

  7. I like your way of storing binding. I try to save bits but then lose track of them. Your black and white binding is going to look great on your quilt.

  8. Love Conners quilt, I like binding with my hands but tried machine binding with machine on the doll quilts , wasn't pretty

  9. Love the toilet tissue tip! Great idea! I like the binding portion of quilting. It means the end is near!

  10. oh! One can organize binding! Aha! I let it tangle and wind around my chair leg and my leg and get caught all before running short by one inch. LeeAnna

  11. That is a great idea to organize your binding.


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