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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


                                                        Farm Girl 

--here are my two latest  6.5" blocks 

The Milk Can is on the right

(getting out milk to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve;)


Pumpkin is on the left 
(for the piece of pie we left for him..ho ho ho!).

The Pumpkin is all pieced-up as this was the last pumpkin
from our patch ;))) LOL

I used some small, older, pre-sewn, leftover pieces to make these and used up
(unfortunately) the rest of that snow-ey background...I will have to dive
into my blue leftovers to see what other sky prints I have...

All these blocks will eventually be embroidered and possible beaded...
I can't wait for that part...;))))
small piecing like this is hard for me with my
arthritic hands....at least I can SEE now
(altho' I can also see all the mistakes--- aaargh!!) 

Next in line is the Strawberry block--the 2nd one for February..
I have all its pieces cut out...I couldn't find any older pre-pieced ones
this time, though.  :000 maybe I will have to sew some "made fabric"
but i have a month to do it in...I like the pieced look in those blocks.

On the Home front:

My daughter is driving down here to have dinner with us this evening
and see her Dad after his operation...
we haven't seen her in a long while, so this is a treat.
I have made a big crockpot full of beef stew and am 
serving snowflake rolls to go with;
along with  strawberries and ice cream for dessert...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (memories from Pipere's dairy farm-euse)


  1. Wow, you're keeping busy with two "new" eyes! Lovely blocks.
    Hope your husband is getting along nicely after his surgery.
    Did you receive my email re fox fabric - had a few computer problems so hope it got through to you.

  2. Oh your blocks are fabulous. Love the pumpkin and your dinner sounds yummy I want a snowflake roll, and strawberries and ice cream.

  3. Speedy recovery on the cataract surgery, so nice your daughter can visit.
    Your blocks are so sweet!

  4. Adorable blocks, Julierose. I especially like the milkcan. Enjoy your time with family.

  5. I like your blocks, especially that you used already made blocks to fill in. That is the quintessential pumpkin!
    Dinner with your daughter... how wonderful.

  6. Your blocks look great, I like how you are putting your twist on them! Hope hubby recovers quickly and well....and you enjoyed your family time.

  7. Great blocks! I'll be right there for dinner!! ;)

  8. Very nice Farm Girl blocks. Thank you for introducing me to Dawn. I have joined the group and will be sharing my ONE block for January later today. Fortunately, this group is very flexible and there is not requirement to complete the extra blocks (specifically the cow) if you do not want them in your quilt.

  9. Hope your husband is doing well! What a great idea to use leftover pieces. Makes your block come along quicker and uses up some older projects! Wonderful!!


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