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Monday, January 23, 2017


"Bossie" is awaiting some embroidery and a backing and hand quilting
--but she is done --            my second finish of 2017...

(She is the first block I made for the Farm Girl group I joined...we are using Lori Holt's book: "Farm Girl Vintage" for the inspiration and blocks...some are 12" and some only 6"--and....since Bossie here had 23 pieces,
 I know--imagine?......I quickly decided to make her at the 12" size...
(ya think-???-) although
one of the  girls made her in the  6" version--;00000

I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth for that one!! Although Jacky did a wonderful job on making BOTH sizes--way to go, Jacky...;)))

 Dawn  at "sewyouquilt2" (click on "Dawn" to go to her site) is hosting along with Jacky (who has no blog--as yet--we are trying to enable her...heh heh;)))

They announce 2 blocks per month.  So far, I am WAAY behind-
although, I do have my "Milkcan" block all cut out and waiting to go.

I had all those 2.5" squares leftover from my Postage Stamp Swap last year and
so decided to use them up.  Yup--this year is "FUN using it up"!! 

That old (really really old!) paisley on the borders had just the right red and green and gold for my Christmas table topper.  
Every year I set our table for Christmas dinner and say "I wish I had made MYSELF a Christmas topper"--
here it is--at long last...it will look nice, I think, on either my dark green tablecloth or my gold one....

Now to get to my four labels for the grandkids' going away to college quilts that I made last year--the last  of the BIG quilts for me....

Julierose, La Blageuse (moo-ving-euse)  promise I won't say these things anymoooore!! ;0000

P.S.  my hubster thought it was a reindeer and asked where the antlers were...
hopefully it's because he just had a cataract op and cannot see that well!!!
Also, he may have a problem with udders on a reindeer--ya think??


  1. i will be that way next month! can't see and can't sew!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness...you make me laugh!

    Your Farm Girl project is very nice. I am working my way through the Farm Girl Vintage book. I started with the sew along last year but never finished. The was only one of my mistakes, the other is deciding to make the 6" version of the blocks. I don't do tiny very well...

  3. That's a heck of a lot of pieces in your block - but well worth the effort!

  4. love her Julie. she is so so fun! and yes tell hubs to put in his eyedrops. that is not Rudolph......LOL maybe it was the red nose?

  5. Nice finish! You have some great fabrics! Reindeer? Hmm....

  6. I was so moooooved that you already have two finishes under your belt---way to go! It's so funny that your hubby thought it was a deer--sounds exactly like something my hubby would come up with--lol!

  7. I love the story about Your Guy's comments. It's a fun table runner. What a great use of left overs!

  8. Beauooooootiful! Such a fun runner - hehe like the reindeer story :-)

  9. Love your version of Farmgirl Vintage! You're using some great scraps as well!


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