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Friday, January 6, 2017


What do all these quilts that I've made have in common??

They all have an underlying pattern for sure....but...

I have definitely strayed from that pattern and done
my own thing in each case. 

My New Year's word for quilting is 


I mean, you can tell just by looking at these that I truly enjoyed making them.

the first one dates from mid-90's (shhh --I used
a yellow marker to make those dots in the rose centers)

the beach houses were inspired by someone's blog post (sorry, I don't recall who it was) but I liked making those free form parts and then putting the blocks together free form...and all done by hand.

the third wall hanging

 (Oh and that's the other thing--they are all smallish)

was from an online class with Jude Hill, and
again, I strayed--she like the top but not the bottom) but--
and this is the important thing--I LIKE the whole thing.

And my Crazy Quilt pictured lastly, 
was a whole Summer of sitting on my back deck and 
hand sewing a bit each day, adding all kinds of 
scrapbook- like ephemera:
laces, appliques, beads, ribbons--
what great fun to riffle through my "fancies" stash 
and audition placements and think up ideas...

this being said :

I was totally enabled by two of my blog friends

(who shall herein remain anonymous,
 but you know who you are gals ;))) )....

To join into a their year- long "Piece-a-Thon"--I even got the
book-- Farm Girl and.....when I leafed through it....

SHAZAMMMM !!!!;0000

23 pieces in one block????
Are you really serious--

Well, not my style at all, gals...
I will be taking the "ideas" in that book and 
drafting my own versions---
that won't give me  nightmares--

there are waaaay too many
1/4" seam crossings for this ole gal....
makes me very nervous just looking at the directions..

Heavens, oh my gosh...I am sure you all will
be flying through all those blocks with ease...

that ;))))

My pieces will look VERY different--and as I am learning to draw
 in my art pursuit this year --AND
I thought I'd take a page from Mary Lou Weidman
 (if you've never read her books --do, and you are in for a huge treat) 
first of all DRAW my own version of a 
a bossie, a Moo-person, 
A Moooolin Rouge

(Udderly groaning here)


Stay tuned 
I will show my stabs at drawing my own cow..
but maybe you won't want to see that..just


avert your eyes, and mooove on...

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (bovine-euse)

(How do I stop this centered text???aaargh)

P.S.  I go and get my final check up and get my
glasses today--YAY only a few more days of drops .


  1. Oh, I love your quilts, especially the roses. AND I admire your philosophy - make what you like and don't care what others think of it. (I really like the top AND the bottom.)
    So you're going to build a cow quilt. I've followed her blog for a long time, but just recently deleted her off my list. Loved the blog, but had a list of 176 and I can't get to 24 hours worth on my reader list. Did away with 100. (You made the cut!) I only kept the ones I really like.

  2. LOL LOVE to make quilts MINE too. I like Bonnie Hunters quilts but dont want one JUST LIKE EVERYONE that does the mystery. I think it is great to draw your own cow....... I am excited to head to the barn and see your mooooving block! udderly impressed that you are drawing your block.

  3. All of your quilts are so pretty, unique and yeah, FUN.

    I think that is a great word and we all should aspire to be so.

    You crack me up with all of the cow references.

    Happy to hear that your appointment went well. Yay!

  4. There is something so liberating when following your own take on a pattern. And you have made some beautiful projects just following your own style! Love it! So glad you're almost done with your eye treatments!

  5. Having fun sounds like the best plan I've heard anywhere!

  6. Great projects! Fun is the important factor.

  7. Definitely a perfect word to apply to our quilting!! I have seem Mary Lou Weidman's books online and think they're so much fun and lots of colour in there. So hope you can get onto the cow soon as your eyes are good and your glasses on your nose!!

  8. Wonderful quilts Julie and your post today certainly IS fun.
    I look forward to seeing how you interpret the Farm Girl blocks. I'm sure your quilt will turn out fabulous! Best wishes on your eye appointment and those new glasses.

  9. Love your "improv" quilts--fun is what it's all about! I can't wait to see what you do for your Farm Girl blocks!

  10. Fun is right! That word perfectly describes your little quilts!
    Can't wait to see your Farm Girl blocks - very curious now!

  11. I love your quilts and they are so artistic. Do your own thing and enjoy the process.

  12. I really enjoyed seeing this selection of quilts. It looks like you are pretty good at having fun already, so I hope that this year continues that way.


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