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Monday, August 29, 2016


i am machine quilting the first half of "Blues For Greg" this week....

one straight line across each horizontal--lots and lots and lots of lines, people!!;0000

I set Helga's stitch length to "4" for a longer looking stitch and her pressure to "3".  I will say that it is easier to Quilt As You Go in two sections...

I almost forgot to add the top and bottom borders, though ---oops--brain strain....

This is what the following week will look like...a bit each day.
I now have the first 1/4 done...

I will have to go and get some more Warm and
Natural batting to set up the 2nd half. 
 Hello, JoAnne's (40% coupon at the ready).

i am reading some Martha Grimes' books I missed; and enjoying Inspector
Jury's figuring out "whodunnit".  So far, "Vertigo 42" is very good....I rest in between sections of quilting with this book.  

Today it is hot and humid AGAIN!  I am hopeful that the dewpoint will drop over the course of the day so that we can enjoy the back deck at cocktail hour {4pm here;))))  }

Hugs to you all...Moms with "back-to-schoolers" I can hear your cheers...

Julierose, La Blageuse (machine quilting-euse)

Monday, August 22, 2016


                                    Here is a portion of Greg's college bound quilt..

.I have made 25 blocks and each one has 18 (2.5") little squares --
sewn into three strips,  separated by three maroon-ey strips...(.I can't get far enough away from my design wall in my tiny sewing room to get a full picture...)
                                                Here are two other portions:

AND this:

I hope to sew them together this week.  They (obviously)
need trimming up to one consistent size.

A lot of these squares are from the swap I  did two years ago and also some mini-charm packs--
so,---- 2.5" per square is just a "suggestion".  Hahaha....

I have ironed all the seams open--lots of up and down from my sewing chair--that has to count for something, right????;)))

Today was a blessed relief from heat and humidity --lovely cool breezes from the
northwest flooded our area....aaaaaahhhhhh
P.S.  Am now collecting red 2.5" squares for the other twin's (Connor) quilt
--so far I have 222--I need a total of 450
that's how many I used in Greg's quilt...and yes, I am crazee
 about working with squares  that is....and maybe just a little mentally, ya think????
Julierose, La Blageuse (scrappy-euse)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


       As many of you followers will know, I have been assiduously trying to lose weight.
          ( "WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON" (see robot comment below)

.....Caution a long venting post follows--

I went on Atkins a year ago and lost 30 lbs...and now they have ALL
gotten together and found their way back on....ME!! and I am feeling and looking like Babar the Elephant!!  Aaargh!!

So, in my inimitably brilliant fashion, I have been figuring that if I eat less of everything, I won't feel deprived --like I would on some diet regime--
and I'd HAVE to lose lbs!!
                 No way, no, nada, ne rien, nil, nothing--NOPE!! 

And I have been walking more and trying to GET UP out of my seat (offa ma butt!!) and move around.  I weigh more than I did when I was preggers for my son--for heaven's sake!! 

One of the things I have always used to keep my hand out of that potato chip bag (oh yeah, hubster does not gain weight from snacking--even at night--
now how is that fair??? ;(((   I ask you!)
--anyway: is handwork and cups of tea to stay full--many, many cuppas....

so, I am resolved to take my hexies out and work on them while I watch my Red Sox and "Murder in the First" (my, isn't she the thin one???)
and "Humans" (they are all thin as robots--I mean who in their right mind would make a fat robot--right???And another big sigh****) 

DH says I eat like a bird--yeah, well this is some BIG BIRD (apologies to Big Bird on Sesame Street--after all, he's tall enough to carry it off and I am only 5'4.5--used to be 5'5"--but of course, my HEIGHT is shrinking--sigh*****
not anything else apparently!!)

He feels bad for me and says tentatively:"Well, maybe now that you are in your "Golden Years " {hah!} you will have to get used to carrying more weight around"  He is trying to be nice, ladies, and he is most likely --well he sure 
must be !!--sick of hearing me blab on and on and on about weight, 
diets etc etc
 ad nauseum....

Listen, I even moved my ironing board to the other side of the room so that I have to GET UP and walk over to it to iron each seam....what else is a lady to do??? I am totally sick of diets...I have had to , as they so sweetly say, watch my weight since I was 13--yep, puberty did it...All my paternal Aunts were big women...and my Grand-mere was no little gal either....

Everything I do requires me to sit: quilt, sew, knit, embroider, play piano, 
read (well I could read on the treadmill, I guess--but I don't see that
 happening anytime soon)--
And so, This is My Life right now...
Hugs and thanks for listening to my whining...

julierose , La Blageuse (Elephant-euse);0000

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Working through the Postage Stamp leftovers (2.5" squares)
--I've culled all the blues.... and:"Am I Blue?" is the working
 title for this one...fun to stitch...; a bit on the dark side--
but I am in a dark-ish mode lately...
I sometimes think if you just start sewing with no idea in mind 
your "mood" will take you to places you've never visited before....

I L O V E this fabric and have never been able to actually "CUT" into it...
enough of that, mes amies!! In keeping with my "use it up" mode for the rest of this year (and most likely the rest of my lifetime to use all I have on hand!! ;000)--I have cut using-- GO!BABY (GO!! I sound like Dr. Seuss hahah)
 2.5" strips---it just looks so real and yummy.....
I've been petting it....;))))

Remember this one?  I plan to do raw edge hand applique-ing on her --
(flowers are seemingly feminine to me)....I have no idea where 
this will lead me either...("Inspiration is Funny, it makes the bee 
think of honey" to paraphrase yet another tune)

And peeking out right next door is my combo of "Circles of My Life and Grief Cloth":

another hand work piece...I may be going to add some beads to that
center piece...the top and bottom blues are sun dyes 
that I made years (another lifetime) ago...
they include prints of some of my Grand-mere's doilies...
pineapple crochets and birds...I am linking to Audrey's blog with these

And that is what's up on my wall today....
I am figuring that  if I see them each time I walk by 
or go into my room, I will be compelled to actually work on them---

they have been in the "DRAWER" for a long time.....they need to breathe...
and i need to breath some life into them....

Hugs on this sultry, hot day...
Julierose, La Blageuse (back to stitchery-euse)