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Monday, August 29, 2016


i am machine quilting the first half of "Blues For Greg" this week....

one straight line across each horizontal--lots and lots and lots of lines, people!!;0000

I set Helga's stitch length to "4" for a longer looking stitch and her pressure to "3".  I will say that it is easier to Quilt As You Go in two sections...

I almost forgot to add the top and bottom borders, though ---oops--brain strain....

This is what the following week will look like...a bit each day.
I now have the first 1/4 done...

I will have to go and get some more Warm and
Natural batting to set up the 2nd half. 
 Hello, JoAnne's (40% coupon at the ready).

i am reading some Martha Grimes' books I missed; and enjoying Inspector
Jury's figuring out "whodunnit".  So far, "Vertigo 42" is very good....I rest in between sections of quilting with this book.  

Today it is hot and humid AGAIN!  I am hopeful that the dewpoint will drop over the course of the day so that we can enjoy the back deck at cocktail hour {4pm here;))))  }

Hugs to you all...Moms with "back-to-schoolers" I can hear your cheers...

Julierose, La Blageuse (machine quilting-euse)


  1. Oh good you're already on to the quilting. Straight lines quilting always looks just right, I think, when you have quilt made up of squares. Are you quilting both vertical and horizontal?

  2. There is a cost for a fondness of dense quilting -- that is, having to quilt densely. :-}
    Cheers to you at cocktail hour!

  3. like your quilting idea. and sections is a good idea too.
    not too many cocktails before quilting or those rows won't be very straight LOL

  4. You are quilting and I am green with envy. I tried to do some machine applique yesterday.....not so good.

  5. I love the look of straight quilting lines. I think it really adds a lot. Enjoy cocktail hour! Sounds like fun!!

  6. Bonjour JulieRose !
    Quilter à la machine est, à la fois, reposant et stressant ! What do you think about that ?
    En France, les enfants retournent à l'école demain ! Les vacances sont terminées !
    Have fun with your machine ! :)

  7. Very pretty quilting. The longer stitches make it look hand-quilted.

  8. Lookin' Good! Easier quilting is always my go to.


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