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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Working through the Postage Stamp leftovers (2.5" squares)
--I've culled all the blues.... and:"Am I Blue?" is the working
 title for this one...fun to stitch...; a bit on the dark side--
but I am in a dark-ish mode lately...
I sometimes think if you just start sewing with no idea in mind 
your "mood" will take you to places you've never visited before....

I L O V E this fabric and have never been able to actually "CUT" into it...
enough of that, mes amies!! In keeping with my "use it up" mode for the rest of this year (and most likely the rest of my lifetime to use all I have on hand!! ;000)--I have cut using-- GO!BABY (GO!! I sound like Dr. Seuss hahah)
 2.5" strips---it just looks so real and yummy.....
I've been petting it....;))))

Remember this one?  I plan to do raw edge hand applique-ing on her --
(flowers are seemingly feminine to me)....I have no idea where 
this will lead me either...("Inspiration is Funny, it makes the bee 
think of honey" to paraphrase yet another tune)

And peeking out right next door is my combo of "Circles of My Life and Grief Cloth":

another hand work piece...I may be going to add some beads to that
center piece...the top and bottom blues are sun dyes 
that I made years (another lifetime) ago...
they include prints of some of my Grand-mere's doilies...
pineapple crochets and birds...I am linking to Audrey's blog with these

And that is what's up on my wall today....
I am figuring that  if I see them each time I walk by 
or go into my room, I will be compelled to actually work on them---

they have been in the "DRAWER" for a long time.....they need to breathe...
and i need to breath some life into them....

Hugs on this sultry, hot day...
Julierose, La Blageuse (back to stitchery-euse)


  1. Sometimes having them someplace where you see them often inspiration will strike.....or you will just get tired of them and finish them any old way. :D

  2. You have some great projects going there. I love the fig fabric!

  3. Love your fig fabrication...
    Once I have them on the design wall I usually grow to like them just the way they are. Sometimes I move a block or two, because they are two very similar next to each other... Love your projects.

  4. I'm sure having them out will help to inspire you to work on them. Very pretty projects... I just finished reading a Dr. Seuss book to the kids. My favorite - Thidwick the kind hearted moose.

  5. So pleased you've brought us up to date, especially the 365 circles and Grief Cloth. The colours are wonderful. Carrying on the wonderful theme your fig fabric is magnificent, no wonder you hung on to it!

  6. I think you will get inspired just by walking by them. It will come to you! All are great projects. Love them!

  7. The fig fabric is great! I wouldn't have thought of it as blue, but it seems very at home amongst the other blues.

  8. now you made me want some figs. lOL loving all your projects. it is funny how inspirations take us to new places. you go girl!

  9. Love your fig fabric, reminds me of my grandmothers house

  10. Nice to see what's on your design wall! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your fig fabric. So perfect for those blues. Good to see your circles emerging too. Sometimes it's hard to get in the mood to work on them but eventually they just call out and are hard to resist making several at a time.

  12. Enjoy your projects! I agree that looking now and again at a project often leads to inspiration and a solution on how to go further. I hope your inspiration comes soon.

  13. Ahh.. Bet it's hard to work on those circles, but it looks wonderful!!

  14. Some interesting thing happening at your place.

  15. Fig fabric - wow! And your Grief Cloth/Circles of Life piece is so beautiful - definitely good to see it calling out for attention.


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