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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


       As many of you followers will know, I have been assiduously trying to lose weight.
          ( "WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON" (see robot comment below)

.....Caution a long venting post follows--

I went on Atkins a year ago and lost 30 lbs...and now they have ALL
gotten together and found their way back on....ME!! and I am feeling and looking like Babar the Elephant!!  Aaargh!!

So, in my inimitably brilliant fashion, I have been figuring that if I eat less of everything, I won't feel deprived --like I would on some diet regime--
and I'd HAVE to lose lbs!!
                 No way, no, nada, ne rien, nil, nothing--NOPE!! 

And I have been walking more and trying to GET UP out of my seat (offa ma butt!!) and move around.  I weigh more than I did when I was preggers for my son--for heaven's sake!! 

One of the things I have always used to keep my hand out of that potato chip bag (oh yeah, hubster does not gain weight from snacking--even at night--
now how is that fair??? ;(((   I ask you!)
--anyway: is handwork and cups of tea to stay full--many, many cuppas....

so, I am resolved to take my hexies out and work on them while I watch my Red Sox and "Murder in the First" (my, isn't she the thin one???)
and "Humans" (they are all thin as robots--I mean who in their right mind would make a fat robot--right???And another big sigh****) 

DH says I eat like a bird--yeah, well this is some BIG BIRD (apologies to Big Bird on Sesame Street--after all, he's tall enough to carry it off and I am only 5'4.5--used to be 5'5"--but of course, my HEIGHT is shrinking--sigh*****
not anything else apparently!!)

He feels bad for me and says tentatively:"Well, maybe now that you are in your "Golden Years " {hah!} you will have to get used to carrying more weight around"  He is trying to be nice, ladies, and he is most likely --well he sure 
must be !!--sick of hearing me blab on and on and on about weight, 
diets etc etc
 ad nauseum....

Listen, I even moved my ironing board to the other side of the room so that I have to GET UP and walk over to it to iron each seam....what else is a lady to do??? I am totally sick of diets...I have had to , as they so sweetly say, watch my weight since I was 13--yep, puberty did it...All my paternal Aunts were big women...and my Grand-mere was no little gal either....

Everything I do requires me to sit: quilt, sew, knit, embroider, play piano, 
read (well I could read on the treadmill, I guess--but I don't see that
 happening anytime soon)--
And so, This is My Life right now...
Hugs and thanks for listening to my whining...

julierose , La Blageuse (Elephant-euse);0000


  1. I feel your pain and frustration. To add insult to injury, I hurt my knee so my walking has come to a screeching halt. Maybe it is just in our genes and meant to be (?)....gosh, I hope not.

  2. I think we need to "think thin". It's like "think snow" a desire for physical activity.... a place my mind never goes.
    Hang in there.

  3. I feel your pain! My fitbit has been off since April and how in the world did I gain 10 pounds in the last year (5 since april???). DH is just starting a version of Atkins that actually has good tasting food... Kinetics? The inside out burger got a thumbs up from ALL in my little family. I have also started walking again. Willing to cheer you on in your battles (did I mention I have french heritage and love to cook/bake and eat?) Terrible getting older and having the metabolism laugh at you. My goal is to lose the weight but have the clothes fit better soon (so I don't have to go shopping!). Hugs to you and you are not alone.

  4. Unfortunately some of have to fight the battle of the bulge our whole life.

  5. I used to be nice and slim, walked 5 kilometre about 5 days a week, purely for enjoyment rather than anything else. Then I developed a few auto-immune diseases, back went to pieces, therefore walks came to a stop. OK gives me time for more reading good - but of course no moving and whilst reading, well we do need a cuppa and a snack, chocolate biscuits perhaps, a freshly baked cheese muffin!Need I carry on here. As you are doing Julie I am eating less at mealtime, I'm also cutting down on bread, pasta, potatoes - most definitely potato chips of which I am very fond. I find quilting in my little studio keeps me occupied and therefore I don't think about the snacks. Hopefully the weight will come off slowly, for all of us who need to lose it. Qe need to think positive!!!

  6. J'espère que tu ne te compares pas à Babar ! Perdre du poids est un des combat les plus dur du corps humain...et parfois, en fonction de l'âge, des modifications hormonales on ne peut rien faire !
    Bon courage Julie et stay cool !!

  7. I have lost a bit ever so slowly because of going on a diabetic diet. It is very carbohydrate counting and it is forever no skip a meal no downing a pound of chocolates. There is nothing you can't have but you can't have every thing. So for dinner I can have either bread or pasta not bread and pasta. Or breakfast eggs bacon potatoes no toast . Most vegetables are as much as I'd like ( except corn, peas, winter squash, potatoes there maybe others) limited fruits but different limits depending on the carbohydrates berries I can have more watermelon less.
    Packaged foods for the most part too many carbohydrates but I could have say a cookie but then I couldn't also have a whole cup of blackberries
    So is that candy bar worth a whole meal of lettuce carrots tomato cabbage nuts onion a small roll and a bit of dressing with chicken.
    And moving my body everyday
    It's working for me but it is a huge change in my eating for somethings and not so much for others
    Like we would have pasta and bread now that's not a meal I have
    We would have steak salad baked potato now its steak broccoli salad
    Or chicken rice and vegetables I can still have that but must watch the amount of rice due to the carbohydrates
    It's for life but it's the same for everyone there are health risks with extra weight and for me with extra weight and too many carbs ... Oh and they have to be consumed through out the day not at one seating so no huge bowl of pasta at dinner because I didn't have carbs all day
    But I can have pasta just as a small side rather than the meal

  8. All I can do is empathise! I felt like an elephant just before my son was born, but right now I weigh 15 kilos more than I did then.

    I am trying not to beat myself up over it. I may never again weigh less than I do now, but I am trying to just get on with life and stop wasting so much of my energy hating my body.

  9. A friend of mine who struggled with weight all her adult life lost 60 lbs over the past year by following the Trim, Healthy Mama plan which she reports as the first way of eating to manage weight that has increased her energy level and hasn't made her feel deprived. It does require cooking, a big hurdle for many nowadays. (I'm a dietitan and it looks very good from whaat I've read.) http://www.trimhealthymama.com/

  10. Ahh--the dreaded Battle of the Bulge! I definitely empathize! I have done the yoyo thing too--that's the trouble with diets--you can't stay on them forever. I am slowly losing a little weight by substituting my beloved carbs with fruits and veggies. I've stopped baking and don't buy treats (no red licorice--ack!). I do indulge in a daily frozen fruit bar from Aldi's or even a scoop of ice cream--I have to have some reward--haha!

  11. I think we all struggle with weight as we get older. I had put on a few pounds that I just couldn't lose. I got a Fitbit and walk 6 miles a day. I still didn't lose. I started the Paleo diet and it works for me. I'm at my target weight but it took about 6 months. I think I'll have to stay Paleo or else the weight will all come back. Don't want to do it forever but I'm glad I found something that actually works for me. You'll find what works for you. My husband eats all the time, stays slim. So not fair!!!

  12. yep those genes hit this house too. it is tough I think too because most of us women do the cooking so tasting to make sure it is seasoned right etc is also par for the course. I too am trying less carbs and more veggies as part of a healthy diet. walking will come into play once it isnt so humid.

  13. I feel your pain! Turning 60 I have gained 15 pounds that seem to be very stubbornly attached to me! I have had good luck in the past with tracking everything I eat and do. MyFitnessPal is a free and very easy app that I have found very useful...when I use it!! There is a part of me that admits that I will never see the weight I was at in my 40's but just staying strong and moving is a very important and that is a blessing!

  14. I keep thinking about this post. I think both you & DH are right -- in our "golden years" we need a regime we can live with, one that will keep us healthy & happy. And -- I am trying to learn this myself -- learn to love our no-longer-young bodies. I am not learning this well, came home from shopping in tears -- those cruel mirrors & lights! Here's to finding our happy place & learning to love our 'sturdy' bodies.


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