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Monday, August 31, 2020

RESUMING , et al


                                                        Remember me?  Courthouse Steps>

I left off making these at 63; I ran out of the type of fabric scraps I wanted to use....

That was May 15th; today after some scrap and string sorting, I began again with

these two:


I have four scrap bins of strings and chunks to continue with on my 

King-Size Quilt Journey...now the magic number has become TAH-DAH!!!

                                                          S I X T Y --- F I V E 

I need 100 to cover the top of the bed and then I will decide if I will make more

or add deep borders... 

[and why why why is this Freakin' NB dbl spacing???]



For those of you who asked:

Here is Poor Butterfly in Pink's progress:


Here is my usual morning place to work:

                                                               YUM----frothed coffee....


I changed out my dining room wall hanging to "Fly Like an Eagle"

which looks Fall-ish to me...

I love this one...πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


Stay safe friends, wear your mask....

Hugs, on a lovely cool Monday morning

Julierose, La Blageuse (Court-House-stepping)

Friday, August 28, 2020



                                                                   FALLING STARS  

I might have to add a lower border--but I canNOT find anything that I like--so for now,

this is hanging in my flimsey closet...


I just love this border fabric....↧↧↧↧

Summer roses  in bloom...

I had these two pieces hanging up on my wall for over a month...πŸ˜πŸ‘Έ
so, this morning I went in and looked at them again, 
and determined to find borders, and get them to the flimsey stage.

Now it's time to bring out my Courthouse Steps blocks  intended to be a 
king size bed coverlet for us....Tom is going to help me to lay them out
on our bed to see just how many more I need to make (or can stand to haha);
I do have a lot of strips sorted for these in little bins awaiting my attention...

The weather has turned hot and humid again after those two lovely
coool, Fall-like days we've had.  So in the AC again...$$$$$ for sure...
Tom is cleaning out the window sills and along our double awning windows in our
tv room--it seems he's found wasps building grass nests along them--inside!!
We didn't realize how they can SQUEEEZE into such tiny spaces!!! 
We have the wasp spray
close at hand--so far so good... meanwhile....

I was washing spare room sheets and airing out the bed blanket...while sewing;)))
Tonight will be leftovers: we have on hand: Tuna Noodle Casserole, rice with 
Tom's marinara sauce and I made a big salad to share ....

TGIF people;)))
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (flimsey-finishing-euse)

Thursday, August 27, 2020


                                                     [From my Covid Journal]

                              Hugs to all, 
                                      stay safe guys,πŸ’–πŸ‘Έ

                        Julierose, La Blageuse (twirling-euse) ;)))

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


                                                         End of Summer/Fall topper....

                                    My favorite little Ghoulie

                              Presents her Ghostly Halloween Family

                              I am not much for Halloween, 
                       so this is my little salute to the Holiday....

Hugs to you all, 
Stay safe, 
Julierose, La Blageuse (Table Topping-euse)

Monday, August 24, 2020


                               THIS LOOKS SO PRETTY ON MY TABLE 

                    I am in the process of making a Fall table runner for
                                     this lovely Pumpkin bouquet..

                               Thank you DAWNIE (click to go to her site).
                                           You made my dayπŸ™‹πŸ™Œ

                    Here is the start of my quilt-as-you-go-runner....
                            to place underneath it...↧↧↧↧↧
I think it will pick up the colors of my pumpkin
centerpiece very well.....
I am using leftover strips of my Autumn fabrics...

Stay tuned to see the Halloween back...
Very SPOOKY!!! ;0000 

And here she sits....
(of course she's a girl white pumpkin)
RIGHT on my table --
  RIGHT  now...;)))

Aren't I a lucky winner?

Hugs, Julierose, 
La blageuse (enjoying-euse)

Saturday, August 22, 2020

IN THE PINK, et al

                                                Poor Butterfly No 3 is in pinks...
                                   I have been working early mornings with my coffee to hand
                                             out on our deck...nice, slow start to my day.

Here is the DMC color I am
     using....isn't it pretty?
I love how it looks 
against the black outlines...

On the Diamond Painting Scene
I am working on her eye area...
[you can see the whole picture on the small
inset photo on the right.]
So enjoying this one...
I've never done a face before and
it is fascinating to see all the 
different shades that go
into her complexion...

I've gotten these sewn into blocks...
not yet sewn into rows...
I am especially fond of those 
birds flying and the whales..

                                                   And this lovely gift is on its way to me

                            DAWN at Relaxing Robin blog had a giveaway and I won ;))) !!

                             I am busy now planning a new Fall table topper to put beneath it...
                                                   What a nice inspirational gift....

                             Thanks so much Dawn--πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’looking forward to receiving it...

and speaking of Dawn--she had a virtual quilt show on her blog this morning....
Take a look and see what lovely pieces she is making....

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday, all of you,,,
Stay safe, that virus is still with us....
Hugs, Julierose (excited-to get my gift-euse)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


                           I am on a campaign to use up all my leftover 2.5" squares...

                             Here are the first few of my "new found" desire 
                                            to sew 
                                                 once again
For the last 3-4 evenings, I've been sorting squares in colorways:

      Here are some of the "blues"  ↶↶↶↶↶↶

Moon phases....

                                               Sailing away... "Ahoy"

Shy Lion--
being watched by a 
Zebra :))))

                                         Christmas Angel dreams......

Whale songs....

                                     Do the whales hum Ravel's Bolero perhaps???  

                                        I now have enough to make four more blocks...
                                            So, there will be 6 blocks in total of these.

                                                With  a few strips of 6 blues leftover...

So, I began these blocks, deep😷 in my 
Covid brain fog...not wanting to sew at all---
REALLY not having the desire to sew --AT ALL!!

I began dispiritedly just MAKING  myself sew twosies--
from a shoebox-full of leftovers...

S I G H ...

Just push on through it... aaargh....πŸ˜”πŸ˜©

Then, strangely...

I began to hunt and peck 
           through my shoebox for some 
                   that "kinda" matched up a bit...
                           and that piqued my interest a little....

            Then I decided:    why not strip sets... from those twosies...
                          using my leftover jelly roll fabrics maybe,,,hmmmmm
                                   there's a thought....not just my usual
                                     chock-a-block postage stamp quilts...

          [I know this is nothing new, but it was to me...you know how that happens?]
                                 So, I slept on that idea for a night...

I had not done any other sewing since I finished up my binding journey...

[and there are still two of those outstanding--the Christmas two pieces--
but I had had it with binding and layering for a while.;0000 
So they are waiting in the wings]
I was happy to be back sewing a bit at a time now...
And still sorting by colors: red/green--I have a lot of those
and the "others" just a kinda mish-mash...

And, best of all--;)))

My shoebox of those 2.5" sqs. has 
morphed into

Which  will be on hand if I need them for borders or
anything else that calls my name...

I have been reading how many of us are or have been stymied,
almost feeling paralyzed by enertia, during this Covid outbreak...

I am thankful to have come upon at least  hint of my former
for sewing....

I hope this find you all healthy and able to move yourself along...

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (machining away-euse)

Sunday, August 16, 2020


  Yesterday morning, sitting out in my spot on our deck, I worked on getting the
upper black x's part of my next butterfly in a mirror image-- Right and Left...
                  Just sayin'..........That is a bit more challenging than it looks...

And, you hawk-eyed followers may see that that I have colored in part of its
body using  my Prismacolor Premier pencil in Pomegranate.. 
These are a few of  the complete set I own
from my coloring book days...

I first underlay with white; 
and then add a very light coat of the Pomegranate--
I am trying  to see if it makes
this butterfly part
stand out a bit more...

We'll see what this looks with the
deep maroon stitching over it...

But first I need to finish the black outlining...
Today, though, with our breezes 
and the showery weather 
it actually feels chilly 
on the deck 
so I will be stitching inside...
FYI guys:
You may want to hop on over to 
to see what she has made
for a G I V E  A W A Y
Really perfect for Autumn...
She is an amazing crafter....

And for you like-minded "foodies" :
Sunday dinner will be corned beef, cabbage and boiled taters...

Hugs to you all on this cloudy Sunday morning...
Julierose, La Blageuse 
(playing with 2.5" squares a bit-euse)

Friday, August 14, 2020


                             Here is my new diamond painting project.
                       This one is called "The Tear"--I 
                          thought it was appropriate for this 
                                  Covid  isolation time.....
                      (Note--The Tear--as in crying-- not ripping)

                          I have begun on the top left side which is the
                                    hair covering her right eye..
Lots of shades of yellows and peaches for the "blonde"..
                 so very close colors --which is a challenge...
                                 Here is what the canvas looks like:

                         A lot of what we call "confetti"...
                            S L O W,
                                  placing on this one using 
                                     round diamonds....

Here is my new little, sparkley pen that I love because its barrel is
thick and easy to hold:
                             Also it is double ended...and really nice for               
                                 precise placing .....

And here is "Blue Moon" finished⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓
Waiting to be framed.


Poor Butterfly (No 2) 
      is all done

Here are the first two together...

I like that some are on an angle and others straight on...
Should be fun alternating them with fabrics...

My next butterfly will be all pinks and deep maroons...
I began the black x's along the outside this morning.....

No sewing today....
just a bit of reading blogs and 
looking around...

Stay safe, we are not done with this virus yet--
seems a lot of places are on the uptick...

Hugs on a much cooler afternoon
Julierose, La Blageuse (crating-euse)

Thursday, August 13, 2020


                        It was a bit cooler this morning for a while;
                            so, I made my way out to
                                 my embroidery spot on our deck..

                               Took out my new hoop and Orange

                   Set up my little Vera Bradley pouch that I just love....

And began to stitch:
                                  I always wax my thread as it really 
                                     helps with any potential
                                           knotting or tangling...

                                            and began stitching...

I do so enjoy the repetitiveness and preciseness of getting the needle
right on the "X' lines...slowly finding the exact spot....

Most of my life I spent practicing my piano for hours a day--
[My degree is in piano pedagogy...]

The repetitive nature of learning a piece 
and the preciseness of the rhythms therein always satisfied me.

Now that I can no longer play because of my 
hand/thumb/arm problems, I found 
that there were many long hours to fill...

And so came quilting, embroidery, diamond painting...all requiring 
the same types of patient skills. 
these have helped to fill that void for me...

                               Making ,,,,,,, Slow,,,,,,,Progress,,,,
                                      I need to still slow down more
                                           as you can see from some
                                              "missed" placements...

Last year we slashed our huge, overgrown hydrangea down almost to the
ground...and look what has happened to a bush we thought we would
end up having to dig out↧↧↧↧↧↧

                                      It is going to bloom for us...;)))

                                      We planted this magnolia 
                                       (supposed?) tree 2 years
Does anyone know if we should be trimming this somehow and/or
feeding it??? We did have some flowers early in the Spring this
year...but it looks more like a bush than a tree...??????

Our cul-de-sac is still being torn up during water pipe replacements...
it looks like a patchwork quilt with torn up sections, tarred areas and
trenches filled with gravel--travel is perilous at best...;000

I hope you are all healthy and staying safe...πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ‘΅πŸ˜·πŸ˜·

Hugs from my presently hot and humid area
Julierose, La Blageuse (Summer-embroidering-euse)

Saturday, August 8, 2020


Our power is finally back on ;))
as of 4 a.m. just this morning...)
(New Blogger-- N O T !!😑)

Tropical Storm Isaias slammed the whole State of Connecticut
Over 800,000 people with no electricity, internet, cable
or phone since last Tuesday afternoon....;(((
We resurrected our camping equipment 
for cooking 
Tom cooked spaghetti for us one night
and we used the stove to boil water for
washing dishes...

And, sadly, this is what's left of my lovely lilies ;(((

We do have a generator, but the problem was
finding gas...as a lot of the streets were
impassable for a long time...

But hey, we've survived and no trees have
fallen on our house...
We are just totally exhausted..

[Sorry if I haven't gotten back to a lot of you

A N D ....πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘½πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΏπŸ’€
I have HAD to revert back to Blogger Legacy as 
my New Blogger's home page
is a M E S S !!

I cannot remove the changes that appeared on it
out of the blue:

Everything is coming out blue, double spaced and underlined
and pictures are tabbed to the left...
When I go to the top to change things they
won't "UNDO"!! 

I cannot change any fonts like I just
did here so easily....
S  I  G  H
I am too tired to deal with it for now....

Here is a new project I had begun
before all this upheaval hit us
"Grandmother's Fan"

A summer wall hanging in progress...

I shamelessly co-opted Beth Sibley's 
project from her Youtube video 
{"My Sewing Room" on youtube}
colors and all...;)))
I just love how this block looks like
Doesn't it???
So much for not starting any new projects...

I hope any of you in the storm's path 
came through safely. 

Stay vigilant, and don't forget 
Covid is still very much with us all...

Hugs from a recovering,
Julierose, La Blageuse (catching-up-euse)