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Monday, January 29, 2018


"...I simply remember ....

...my favorite things...............

then I don't feel, so-----


[1ST PHOTO: My electric teapot that turns a blue light on when you boil water.
how cool is that...;)

2nd PHOTO:  My Keurig one-cup coffee maker

3rd PHOTO:  The old clarinet lamp that my hubby made

4th PHOTO:My own hand sewn hexagon quilt --the making of which spanned
                      many many years....

Hugs, Julierose in (waiting-euse mode)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018



Here are my first two blocks of my new strip project...
                                  "TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND JOY"

It has a (semi-)Christmas theme in colors
--some alternate 4 block sections will use green in place of 
those red/maroons..

I am using my Go!Baby strip cutter to "bash my stash" of Fat Quarters for
this one...;))

This will be a gift quilt for someone special-- all my quilts feature a 
Christmassy theme on the back--and am making this side first as I have no idea how I will incorporate this fabric on the front as yet:

Racking my brains--on this one...isn't it strange how some fabrics just
stymie you?  Do I even want to cut it up, use part of it, use it for borders
or what?? Simmering, simmering away.....I don't like the idea of 
partial guitars for some reason....hmmmmm

We went out this morning and did our Wal- [(fahrts!! hahaha)- Mart 
I mean, run;
I got my Atkins supplies--today is my day 3 on Atkins--yes oh yes, I have
decided to try to lose--actually I HAVE to lose--this x-tra weight

                                         BEGONE, WEIGHT!!

No matter how you say it...I must....I am feeling better already...I have a notebook where I write down everything I eat....

I plan on 3 phases of 10 pounds each ("I can dream, can't I?" File under
 songs for every occasion); three days in and I have lost 3.1 pounds--probably mostly water weight, BUT it's gone--:~))) {hear the sound of flushing?? Hahaha} No time limit, just
push myself on....AND

Trying for 8 glasses of water/day--tough --as I have a hard time digesting water--
seems to upset my stomach somehow--but am persevering......
Will let you know how I  am doing..
[riveting reading I am sure...].😉

The sun deigned to come out today--but the wind is very brisk and has quite a chill--so
no outside walking with this cough...

We are SO looking forward to Spring ("Spring, glorious Spring")
 Hubster got his pre-surgury call today...he goes for pre-op testing Jan 31 and in for the actual surgery procedure on Feb 1st.  Less than one week to go....hopefully this will take care of his problem once and for all....it has been 3 years now and we are tired....ya think??

[FYI: So, if I don't post for a bit after the 31st, you'll know I'm in a waiting room or driving there or home (2.5 hrs one way!!) or falling into bed....]

Hugs to you all and many thanks for all your wonderful comments and support....

Julierose, La Blageuse (and......"I'm back in the saddle again...")-euse ;)))))

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


                                                                        Ahhhhh.....spreading my arms

Hugs from gray and rainy CT
Julierose La Blageuse (serene , calm, quiet, hushed-euse)

Monday, January 22, 2018


                    Here is my Zentangle first attempt  that has been keeping me calm...

A closer look....
                                     Certainly not perfect--but relaxing.....................

And.........Here is a fabric that I just received in the mail
 to use for someone special.....   
it's a secret project
so I cannot divulge much......


here are some possible mock-ups for the front side 
pinned to my design wall.....thinking, thinking..

awfully darkish,
I think though I love
that Japanese wave pattern--it has
gold specks on the wave tops
(maybe it was "a dark and stormy night?");)))

This may be a bit better...or not????

I am still not happy with that bottom strip--although it does look like seaweed...
I just don't know....maybe I should do some

Hugs from Julierose (On the fence-euse)

NOTE added later on:  NOPE don't like either of those settings...just not "me" and
they don't feel right--oh well, back to the drawing board--ummm or design wall...


                                     Last evening before dinner....we spied this show....

                                                  A Sliver of moon riding high...
We are still in waiting mode here; hubster's surgery is scheduled for 
Feb 1st...

I've been doing my Zentangle doodling and glue booking--to try to calm 
myself..if I get all squirrelly--then what help will I be....right???;000

Anyway--I did try to cut some fabric--threw my back out (yet another
sad tale of woe---  ack!!) Has this ever happened to any of you??
--I think I pressed down way too hard--time for a new blade....

I will leave you with another sunset picture for today....

                       Love the lavender in this one....
We have been watching "Victoria" on Masterpiece theater Sunday evenings--
totally addicted both to that and "The Crown".  
I am reading and finally feeling better ....
Hoping to DO SOMETHING in my sewing room worthy of pictures....SOON

Julierose, La Blageuse (waiting mode-euse) 
P.S.  talk about stream of consciousness post here!! ;~))) )

Sunday, January 14, 2018


                                                    Hello, Hello everyone...
I am finally feeling well enough to do a little hand stitching on my 
well-loved Pomegranates in The Rain............

                       See, I got another rainy block done...

it took me about one and one-half weeks of sporadic stitching and
many in-between naps....;ooo

I have been MIA with both family issues and my own bout with sinus and ear infections and just feeling totally crummy....not so sure it wasn't that flu bug that started it all off...I felt like a mack truck slammed into me....and I had gotten the flu shot, too...and it has left me  still coughing up a storm; 
But, I am beginning to  feel human once again ;)))

Lack of any energy has kept me just doing the necessary things around here 
and driving hubster to and from hospital for more testing...

Today I am making my own brand of "medicine"--;)))
                                      Chicken soup--
                             good for the soul on this frigidly cold day..

It should go down a treat tonight....with those little round soup crackers--
                                                 yum.  =))
My design wall is totally blank and my projects, started "way back when"
{lost in the mists of time}, are in my drawer patiently awaiting my interest
to return and my energy....I just cannot seem to get my mojo back.

I did get a gift card to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for Christmas, and 
I picked out some fabrics; I am hoping this will activate my sewing 
desire when they arrive.

My daily journal is no more than a listing of all my meds, aches and pains and
hubster's medical issues...hopefully those will be dealt with for the final time in the near future....
And sometimes, "so it goes"....

Hugs to you all
Julierose La Blageuse (stitching slowly-euse)