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Wednesday, January 24, 2018



Here are my first two blocks of my new strip project...
                                  "TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND JOY"

It has a (semi-)Christmas theme in colors
--some alternate 4 block sections will use green in place of 
those red/maroons..

I am using my Go!Baby strip cutter to "bash my stash" of Fat Quarters for
this one...;))

This will be a gift quilt for someone special-- all my quilts feature a 
Christmassy theme on the back--and am making this side first as I have no idea how I will incorporate this fabric on the front as yet:

Racking my brains--on this one...isn't it strange how some fabrics just
stymie you?  Do I even want to cut it up, use part of it, use it for borders
or what?? Simmering, simmering away.....I don't like the idea of 
partial guitars for some reason....hmmmmm

We went out this morning and did our Wal- [(fahrts!! hahaha)- Mart 
I mean, run;
I got my Atkins supplies--today is my day 3 on Atkins--yes oh yes, I have
decided to try to lose--actually I HAVE to lose--this x-tra weight

                                         BEGONE, WEIGHT!!

No matter how you say it...I must....I am feeling better already...I have a notebook where I write down everything I eat....

I plan on 3 phases of 10 pounds each ("I can dream, can't I?" File under
 songs for every occasion); three days in and I have lost 3.1 pounds--probably mostly water weight, BUT it's gone--:~))) {hear the sound of flushing?? Hahaha} No time limit, just
push myself on....AND

Trying for 8 glasses of water/day--tough --as I have a hard time digesting water--
seems to upset my stomach somehow--but am persevering......
Will let you know how I  am doing..
[riveting reading I am sure...].😉

The sun deigned to come out today--but the wind is very brisk and has quite a chill--so
no outside walking with this cough...

We are SO looking forward to Spring ("Spring, glorious Spring")
 Hubster got his pre-surgury call today...he goes for pre-op testing Jan 31 and in for the actual surgery procedure on Feb 1st.  Less than one week to go....hopefully this will take care of his problem once and for all....it has been 3 years now and we are tired....ya think??

[FYI: So, if I don't post for a bit after the 31st, you'll know I'm in a waiting room or driving there or home (2.5 hrs one way!!) or falling into bed....]

Hugs to you all and many thanks for all your wonderful comments and support....

Julierose, La Blageuse (and......"I'm back in the saddle again...")-euse ;)))))


  1. Colette and i was just talking yesterday about doing strip quilts , Great minds with one though

  2. Your focal fabric. Do something simple like a falling charms. Maybe that lovely tan that is on one of the guitars. I hear you about losing weight. Do you drink water straight out of the tap? I used to have that problem, I realized it was the fluoride and other chemicals in the tap water. Filtered water like a Britta pitcher or something helps. Keeping you and the hubby in my prayres.

  3. I love strippy blocks and yours are no exception with those warm lush colors. I've never tried the Atkins diet but also have issues drinking a lot of water too, although tea seems to help alleviate that issue. Best wishes to you and your DH as he prepares for his procedure.

  4. I really like those strip blocks. I hope this will be the end of hubby's problems

  5. Your strip blocks are pretty and the colors work so well. I like that guitar fabric and can understand why you want no guitar cut in half, lol. The other day I saw a news article that showed a before and after picture of a woman who drank 8 glasses of water a day...sorry can't remember for how long. She looked like she had had a face lift. Think it was fake news? That's a lot of water to drink and somehow I don't think my coffee counts. I did Adkins back in the 70s before you could actually buy products. It worked great for me. then.
    xx, Carol

  6. Love your first two blocks. The colors are delish! Good luck on your weight goals. I need to do that, too. And good luck to your hubby, too.

  7. I’m cheering you on about your weight loss goal. I’m trying to do the same. Good thoughts and prayers for your husbands surgery. He’s having it on a very lucky day. My Birthday! 😉 Hugs,

  8. Doesn't the GO cutters make for quick, easy and precise cutting? I love the strip block, will make a nice quilt.

    Best wishes for your hubby! You have safe travels driving back and forth.

  9. Good to see you're able to work with strip quilting and the Accuquilt cutter is a boon if you have hand problems. So, you're on the Atkins diet, am I correct in thinking this is low carb? I too need to lose the lbs/kilos so perhaps I'll have a look at the pros and cons of this.
    Hadn't picked up that your husband is going in for surgery, I hope all goes well for him, and for you as the journey time sounds very long. Best wishes to you both and lots of hugs to you.

  10. Congrats on the weight loss! You're doing great! Hope all goes well for your husband. Love your blocks! Such wonderful fabrics!

  11. Surgery, good luck on that and yes to weight loss. I've most recently tried the more water thing and doing the low carb high fat way of eating and finding it good, slowly weight is coming off.

  12. Cute strip blocks. I understand your pain on the guitars! Hope hubby's surgery goes well and you all get home quickly. I'm so used to drinking water now it doesn't faze me but it does get boring. Well I have an iced tea out it's really good. Best wishes. mary in Az

  13. Here's to a successful surgery and rapid recovery for your husband.
    Have you considered making the outside round half guitars and half strings? Some would still be cut off but enough whole guitars would show.
    Looks lovely.

  14. LOVE those string blocks! Good luck on your husband's op and for you as the caregiver. Also for the goal to lose weight - writing everything down can be very revealing, putting it into an app can be even more revealing as it sorts it into carbs and such...

  15. Just keep going and things will work themselves out. As for those guitars - I have no good suggestions. Fun fabric but hard to cut into (unless you go with squares and then they'll all be partials).

  16. I like your string blocks a lot, and that guitar fabric, though I don't have any idea how I would use it. I can see partial guitars might be a bit odd. I hope your husband's surgery goes well and that your weight loss attempts are successful - I should drink more water, but it gets so boring!

  17. love your blocks Julie. those strings are so adorable. as for the guitars what about a huge appliqued guitar out of that fabric (not sure how big the print is) and then pull colors from it to border it seems no matter what some will be lost. I find I have the same problem with word fabric. everyone else has such great projects but mine you cant tell I was using word fabrics LOL


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