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I would love for you to join me (a retired senior)in my zany crafting adventures with quilting (waaaaay too much fabric); scrapbooking (will I ever catch up?); redwork; counted cross stitch; crossword puzzles; reading; and cooking.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


                                                                        Ahhhhh.....spreading my arms

Hugs from gray and rainy CT
Julierose La Blageuse (serene , calm, quiet, hushed-euse)


  1. Wow! Did you draw that? Amazing design.

  2. Don't you love 'zen doodling?'
    I do, if I have to wait somewhere or ideas come to mind I'm doodling.
    I've always been a 'doodler'.
    Some of my notebooks from school were works of art.
    It's a good thing.

  3. beautiful work Julierose xx

  4. Beautiful drawing! You should make a book out of your drawings.


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