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Monday, January 22, 2018


                                     Last evening before dinner....we spied this show....

                                                  A Sliver of moon riding high...
We are still in waiting mode here; hubster's surgery is scheduled for 
Feb 1st...

I've been doing my Zentangle doodling and glue booking--to try to calm 
myself..if I get all squirrelly--then what help will I be....right???;000

Anyway--I did try to cut some fabric--threw my back out (yet another
sad tale of woe---  ack!!) Has this ever happened to any of you??
--I think I pressed down way too hard--time for a new blade....

I will leave you with another sunset picture for today....

                       Love the lavender in this one....
We have been watching "Victoria" on Masterpiece theater Sunday evenings--
totally addicted both to that and "The Crown".  
I am reading and finally feeling better ....
Hoping to DO SOMETHING in my sewing room worthy of pictures....SOON

Julierose, La Blageuse (waiting mode-euse) 
P.S.  talk about stream of consciousness post here!! ;~))) )


  1. just glad you are doing better, prayers for hubby

  2. Hope all goes well Julierose and love your pics xx

  3. Those evening photos are spectacular. So sorry you hurt your back, hope you feel much better soon. I’ll be sending all my positive vibes to you and your hubby on Feb 1st.

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I think I had that same sunset. I stood outside in the semi darkness, and cold. Wishing Jeff were here to share it with me.

  5. Those are fabulous pictures. It is a royal pain when the back goes out! Hope yo are better soon and ready for your caregiver task.

  6. Spectacular pictures. You live in a perfect setting to see it. I'm glad you are feeling better after that flu bug, but sorry you injured your back. I did that once making the bed (a pulled muscle) and it just kept doing it when I moved the wrong way. I'm told the pain keeps you from injuring it more seriously.
    xx, Carol

  7. I'm watching both too - love the photos.
    there is a super red moon coming at the end of the month


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