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Monday, September 5, 2016

BLUES FOR GREG (Backing Edition)

Her is the untrimmed backing for Greg's college bound quilt....

Hermine was not cooperating--getting pretty windy here..{I'm sewing
as fast as I can lol}

Greg loves dogs and I thought this was just the ticket for the top border....

(Woof, woof, Libby and Kota agree ;)))  ) 

All my grandchildren have gotten Christmassy backings on their quilts--the challenge for my older ones is to find those kinds of prints that are not baby-ish.  
(You realize that each quilt then becomes=2 tops??--what was i thinking...or not???) :0000

And here is the bottom border and the sides--very Wintry  :
                                A snowy scene...to curl up under...

And here is what I could get of the center with the winds whipping around....

I L O V E this print...Wintry trees decorated in white....

Blue is Greg's favorite, so both the front and back should be have a bounty of
                                               B L U E S

Hermine thought she'd take a look at this and send it for a whirling ride....

                              And here was our sky last night.....so beautiful....and calm....

hugs to everyone on this LABOR DAY holiday....I hope you are getting some
sewing time in.... 
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse)


  1. Very appropriate backing fabrics! I especially like the bottom piece with the leafless trees in the snow.

  2. I love your pieced backing! I feel they make the back so much more interesting! I was expecting rain and wind but it's calm and sunny here. Maybe the wind will pick up later? Supposed to rain on and off the next 2 days. Enjoy the holiday!

  3. I like your back. Hermine has been kind to you? We are getting warmer here.

  4. I love interesting backings like this one. I had to go back to look at the front, too. A really pretty and interesting double quilt.

  5. That night sky is such a great shot! I used to dream of making double sided quilts, but the reality of it set in. I really only use the TOP side... even on a deliberately 2 sided quilt!! Even so, I love the fact that you backed the quilts with a holiday theme.

  6. love that back. Greg will too and how fun to have two sides to use. great quilt!

  7. I always thought a quilt should be made to be a visual comfort as well. That 'cool' backing would be just the thing for me. I love winter.

  8. a great snuggle quilt. Love your use of fabric and all the fabric you sent me , some will make a manly quilt if i every get past Christmas and making for babies. Have 2 g-g's due around Christmas

  9. Greg's backing turned out very nice. I've told you before how I love that you make the kid's quilts double-sided. They can use them year-round.

  10. Great fabrics. He will love this quilt.


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