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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Gluebook update:  Here are the first two pages of my gluebook journal....

I haven't been able to do much of anything for about 5 days now--both DH and I have come down with a gastro-intestinal bug of some sort--or bad food--we can't decide.  But, at any rate,  NOT FUN, guys!!  Just sayin' ;000

So, as I am feeling a bit more human today, I retrieved my gluebook and images and set to work a bit...

And here's (L) where I'd like to be--hahaha... and a Dreamworld on the right...

I am adding little sayings on each page -- encouraging words...
Oriental style page....

Here is a double page spread..."Tempus Fugit"  live in the "Now"....romantic looking, don't you think?? 

{that lady on the lower right is a stamp I've had for years and try to put somewhere on all of my pages: scrapbooks, gluebooks, etc...kind of my "signature"...}


So far, I have only eaten saltines and a bit of chicken noodle soup, and some yogurt...along with tea...you would think (wouldn't you??) that I'd have lost some weight??? But, NOOOOOOOO!!:000

On the quilting scene:

I had finished 2 and 1/2 rows on Connor's quilt before this hit us; hopefully I can eke out a half hour tomorrow (after taking DH for his 3rd epidural shot) to do another block.  They take about half hour each...not bad. 

Just am running out of pre-cut dark black/gray little squares-- will need to dash into the stash and pull some more to cut ....each block uses 9 darks and 9 lights...and three red strips....beginning to get into a rhythm with it now...or i was...

hugs from
Julierose, La blageuse (nauseous-euse) ugh!!


  1. Hope you are feeling better. I haven't heard of glue books before. Is this a type of journal?

  2. Lovely work! Your gluebook is great! Wish I could do that! Please rest and take good care of yourself. I hate stomach bugs. Just have to wait it out. Feel better!!

  3. Sorry you are ill. Hang in there. I always use over toasted toast and really dark black tea. Doesn't taste that good, but it works.
    Looks like you are enjoying your days on the paste book. (MMMMM paste. Remember eating it in 1st grade?)

  4. Sorry to hear you have both been laid low with the bug. No fun is it.
    I love looking at the shots of your book pages, dreamy! Hope you're feeling better soon.


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