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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Here is my first attempt at a very complicated block-23 pieces...
for the Farm Gal group I have decided to join in on...
                                 Am I crazee or what???

              [Note: she needs a face and a tail to be embroidered later] ; 

                   I call her "The First Moo-el"; LOL;0000

She is all Christmas fabric scraps leftover from years of making little 
Holiday mug rugs as gifts....

Can you see what I see, though?

Something is wrong with this picture...hmmmmm

After I got her all together (despite her bossing me around hahaha) 

I saw that:
                    her horns are UPSIDE-DOWN :>0000 --ACK!!!

There is no way I am going to take her apart...
that would be udderly riculous...

I learned something in the making of this block--it is not so much
my seam allowances that are off--(nor my spatial abilities, altho'
as witnessed by the horns they are not so great!!)

It is my CUTTING!! 
I'll have to work on being more precise....any hints, ladies????

Julierose, La Blageuse (bovine-euse)
P.S.  linking up with Nina Marie 's party this week


  1. Oh, she's cute! I need to make something like that for someone who keeps saying he wants a cow.

  2. LOVE her
    cutting can be tricky mats get miss shapen and skew your cutting. also cutting too far on the line. with lots of pcs it throws it off a little each seam

  3. Don't use the lines on the cutting board, use the lines on your ruler. I actually have my cutting mats turned upside down. I like the horns on your cow....she is moo-la-la

  4. I didn't notice the upside down horns. They look cool to me.

  5. She's perfect just the way she is!

  6. Oh she's adorable - even with the upside down horns. On the cutting side of things do you use the same ruler for all the cutting? The can me just a smidgen different depending on the brand. I'm having a bit of trouble with my 1/4" at the moment and that made a difference to one or two of my GW blocks. I find also starching the fabric for tricky pieces before cutting helps a lot.

  7. A most adorable cow, Julierose. Will you be making a whole herd?

  8. I think her horns look perfect on her! I usually cut a little larger and after sewing, cut it down. Seems to work out well for me.

  9. Love your cow, even with the horns upside down. No big deal! I cut my fabric pieces not with 1/4" seam allowance but with 3/8" seam allowance, just a tiny bit bigger. I sew with 1/4" and cut away the surplus, which sometimes there isn't !!!!

  10. http://www.connectingthreads.com/books/Farm_Girl_Vintage__D46199.html

    connecting threads has the book on sale for anyone who wants to make it

  11. hey I think my email was blocked by mistake by you. my emails to you come back as blocked..... :-(

  12. Very cute! I also need help with trying to cut accurately.

  13. Oh no, your husband is mistaken. This is definitely a very cute cow! Don't forget to show us the block again after you get the face and tail embroidered on there! :)


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