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Thursday, March 10, 2016


And here is my latest effort (multi media effort) in saving the older photos of Mom and Dad...

I gessoed the cardstock (it's still curling a bit LOL) and then used some modeling paste and a stencil
to do the drops and added some shine spray.  The little roses and leaves are the ones I made and I  watercolor- wrote out the title on Watercolor paper and then hand cut it.

I also added some lace leafy pieces that I had left over from my Crazy Quilt Adventure....

A four day project--done a bit at a time....
At first I was SO disappointed in how the papers that
I gessoed curled up--but now that I  have put it in "My Life and Times" album protector--it looks alright....

I also managed to sew all the lower "Gypsy Wannabe " strips into twosies--hoping to finish more
on that tomorrow....
hugs from your still feeling crummy, but hangin' in
Julierose, La Blageuse  (wannabe artiste-euse)


  1. Julie I left a comment the other day on this lovely post, maybe I didn't press publish, I have done that a few times lately! Your scrapbooking is just lovely and full of happy memories for you and the family and future generations.

  2. What do you use to water color? a paint brush or water pen? My handwriting is really bad so I don't think I would be good at this but I love the look!


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