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Monday, May 17, 2021

STAR WARS, et al

I have begun work on my new
applique piece...
It took me a WHOLE  day just to
turn the seams on 6 stars...

Boy-oh-boyo !!
Those points are surely challenging!!

[For the past 2 weeks I have been
preparing the templates ahead of time]

Next I will make the circles
"Circular" hahaha

This is from a Jan Patek pattern
"Moon Garden Stars"
I just love how whimsical it is..!!

it certainly has a lot of challenges
for my newbie appliqueing 
All those 
POINTS to be turned...😰😰😰

It is finally a glorious, warm and sunny 
day-- so I am out on our deck
working on this
I have begun hand quilting
my first applique piece:

"Basket of Flowers" 
[another Jan Patek pattern] 

I started out with a 
little, short "quilting needle"
 I could not grasp it well
enough to continue--

So, I am now using a Milliner's
it has quite a different feel 
and I will have to
get myself used to 
stitching with it..

I have made us potato salad
for dinner to go along
with our Chicken Tenders...
a real "Summer-y" feeling

I hope your day is a restful one...

OOPS--spoke too soon..👀😱😲😰
NOTE:  Our Air Handler just died on us..
it made the most horrendous 
So, we are awaiting
a repair person..
hoping it doesn't get really
hot and humid until
this is fixed
[or s i g h...replaced!! $$$]

Maintaining a house 
is never dull, is it???

La blageuse
(on pins and 


  1. I have only done a little bit of needle turn applique, but I found those pointy places the most challenging! Those are sweet patterns, Julierose! Glad the weather is nice at your house and hope your air handler is quickly fixed.

  2. Love the fabrics you have chosen for your new project. The waves in the water is especially fun. I've never quilted with a milliners needle, I use one for needleturn applique. They can be really frustrating to thread. . . Seems like there is always something to repair or replace. I hope it doesn't take long to fix.

  3. Your applique pieces look good!
    You sent me off to Google to try to find out what an "air handler" is. Hope you get it fixed quickly.

  4. You're made of better stuff than I, that's for sure. I would never attempt to turn the edges on small appliques. I'm an iron-on girl all the way.

  5. Finding a needle you can handle well and one that does the job is not always easy. I don't do hand applique but I think I would use a milliners too because that is what I am used to for binding.

  6. Lovely applique projects! It's always interesting finding the just-right needle.

  7. Jan Patek was one of the first quilt designers that I followed; I love her designs! I've switched to a milliners too, and like it much better.

  8. Such patience and nimble joints it takes for needle turn. You have a nice project in the works.

  9. So much fun to see your appliqué projects! Hang in there with needles - just keep trying different ones until you find one you like. Sympathies with your home maintenance problems - we are trying to get a leaky roof fixed.

  10. Your new applique' piece looks very intriguing. Loving those fabrics!

  11. The new project is so charming.

    What is an air handler? Good luck! Hopefully it will be chilly through June so you have time.


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