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Friday, May 7, 2021

BAG O'BITS, et al

I have a lot of these bags
of bits and pieces
taking up space in my closet....
Today I took out the yellows,
I am making these....

On my "bits" of
cut-off telephone
long strips...
leaving the papers on for now...

[I will tear off the papers
when I decide what to
make of them...]

This week I made these colors:

Multi, blues, and reds...

Just 3-4 per day...
at the same time, 
culling out those pieces that
 I will not use.

I am not emptying the 
bags at one sitting, 
but making a dent...

I don't know how I 
ended up with 

I am not calling this a new project...
just a way to do some mindless
sewing and to try to 
"use it up" to free up more
space for my growing stash...

I am calling the rest of my year
"No Buy"
We shall see how that goes...
My track record is not so
good --I think the 
longest I went was
four months a few years
Wish me luck--

Tonight I have prepared
a meatloaf, 
peeled potatoes
and plan on grilled corn...
for our dinner.

Then for our weekend treat--
I made a cherry pie...
I haven't done one of those
in a really long time...
We are having new carpet installed
in our tv room, so I am sitting 
in the midst
of all the 
stuff and furniture we hauled
into the living room...

I say "we"-- but Tom did most of 
the heavy pieces and I only moved
the lighter items out...

Still and all my shoulder
did get a bit sore...
so this will be a resting weekend...

I hope your weekend will prove to 
be a wonderful one...
Stay safe still...

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse


  1. Dinner and desert sound yummy. Your quick bits to use up those bags of scraps is a great idea.

  2. Using up all those odd bits does feel so good. Every empty bag is a big accomplishment.

  3. I have tons of those bags containing bits. I like your idea of using them into strip blocks. I also made a cherry pie a couple of weeks ago. We hadn't had one in quite a while. I'm making chocolate cupcakes with Grey Stuff frosting tonight.

  4. Take it easy - I like your mindless sewing project. And dinner - YUM!

  5. Those nagging bags of bits turn into something so pretty.

  6. It's always amazing how many of those bits and pieces of fabric we accumulate, good on you for dealing with some of them. New carpet, that's exciting!

  7. Great way to use up scraps! I'll be interested to see what you turn them into in the end.

  8. Great idea to use up those tiny scraps.

  9. I already broke my no-buy rule this year, and bought enough for the rest of the year! A new carpet sounds great. Those kinds of things tend to change up the whole look of the house.

  10. Your yellows look so bright and spring-like. How do you manage to keep the pieces in the bag from getting all crumpled and in need of pressing before sewing them? Even a lose pile of strings or small pieces in my house ends up needing every piece pressed before use!
    The no-buy plan is a good one but sometimes we just don't have the right fabric and HAVE to buy some. Right?
    How wonderful to get new carpet.

  11. A new carpet sounds great. Cherry pie sounds even better!

    Have fun with your scraps, glad to hear you are culling the unappealing bits.

  12. What time is dinner?lol those little strips are cute. Mindless sewing is fun.isnt it amazing what quilts are in your scraps?

  13. I have baskets of these 'bits'. you are sewing yours in color families. that is a good plan. if you dont make coin quilt you can use sections in parts of blocks, like the churn dash. Have a good plan.

  14. It's good to cull some of those scraps! And I'm all for mindless sewing! Exciting to be getting new carpet!

  15. That's a clever little idea. I think I might have to copy it. Thanks.

  16. Try to rest that shoulder. I love being able to use up little scraps. Sometimes, they're so small that it makes me wonder why I even saved them. We're getting a new carpet soon too. I hate the dismantling of the room.

  17. Liking the beginnings of your new strip project, should be easy to tear out the telephone book papers, they're lighter than copy paper. Your idea of a No Buy year is a good one, sad to say but I doubt I could keep to that, Kaffe has a new collection coming in September and I bet some land on my doorstep.

  18. Good luck with no buy. I can resist proper quilt yardage but not a nice shirt! At least the shirts are cheaper. I like your mindless sewing project - sooner or later you will realise those strips are just perfect for something and there you will be, ready to go.

  19. Wow, what a party of colourful and happy strips. I, too, don't have many yellows. =) You are very good not buying fabric for four months. That cherry pie does sound delicious. Take care of your shoulder.

  20. ...aaah. New carpeting and a sore shoulder; I can relate! And I love your scrappy strippy strips!!

  21. What a fun scrappy project. Good luck with "no buy." (I've been there and tried it with mixed results.)


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