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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Phew!!  It's together at last !  And my back/side/shoulder/hand 
are only a bit sore from hauling this through Helga--(she wasn't too thrilled with the seam intersections--uff-dah!!).

I am going to let her rest along with me, after unpinning the basting pins.....

I think that QAYG seam buttings are so thick that they should be trimmed away completely...who knew????

As you can see here, the intersections are wonky (to say the least)--BUT.....
DONE, FINIS, FAIT ACCOMPLI, ....I truly didn't think that I would be able to smoosh this
baby through....

Now, Le Quilt is set up on my mat on the dining table so that I will be able to trim that extra border flush with the quilt and then make the binding. 

Not today though--perhaps this weekend. And,
speaking of this coming weekend....

We will be going to see Steven play lead alto in his High School Band and in his Trio Concert on Saturday.  What fun!!  

I have two more little sections left on my Comfort Cloth--the hand is pretty sore though, so stitching will have to wait--hello...CAN YOU SAY  Epsom Salts anyone???? Plan on soaking it--(I should go and soak my HEAD!! grrrr).

I will not be machine quilting ANYMORE large bed quilts....big stitch hand quilting or tying....is what I see in my future. So, plan waaay ahead will become my 
new Mantra.

Thank you for all your concerns during my absence.  I couldn't even type--and frankly, was quite a "BEAR"...grrrrrr. Not good company--
just ask my DH....;--0000

Julierose, La Blageuse (finished-euse)YAY!!


  1. Oh how cool that you finished, not cool that your quilting takes a toll on you though. Take it easy, rest, recoup.

  2. Your quilt is looking great! And even hand quilting can take a toll on the joints, as I can attest from my recent big stitch finish. We need to give ourselves a break every once in awhile and rest those hands, shoulders, neck, etc. Beautiful finish on this one!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the quilting on this quilt. It is beautiful.

  4. glad you are feeling a little better, great quilt buy the way

  5. love Stevens quit. he will too! I dont believe you could be a "bear". not buying it LOL rest up and feel better.

  6. Congratulations on getting it done!

    Hope your hand is feeling better after a good soak.

  7. Congratulations! And good for you for doing all the machine quilting! It can be like a workout!

  8. A wonderful finish!! Congratulations and hope the hand eases up now.

  9. Félicitations JulieRose !! Tu dois être très fière de toi !!
    Passe un bon weekend auprès de Steven !
    Grosses bises

  10. What a great finish--I know it will be loved! Take care of those hands!

  11. Great finish! It's gorgeous! I'm sure Steven will love it. Hope you're okay. Time to take care of you!

  12. I love this quilt! Congratulations of a fantastic finish.

  13. Big congrats! It's wonderful to see the end in sight.:)

  14. Your quilt turned out beautifully!!!
    All of your hard work and sore hands paid off. I am sure it will be such a cherished treasure.
    Now go and rest and take care of those precious hands of yours :)

  15. Hi Julie rose!
    I love this cheerful quilt. But confused about why your Qayg method needed more quilting?


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