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Friday, January 22, 2016


For as long as I can remember i have kept journals of one sort or another; but 
of all of them, this has been my favorite--my Franklin Covey Planner. 
 I totally wore out the first one (it had an all arouund zipper which I loved--
but this is ok too)

It has a monthly calendar along with other monthly pages...where I try to keep track of
all of our appointments..
.I {heart} paper and pen....
.I really don't use any computer calendars at all....they just don't feel real to me...I know, I know,
 I am old fashioned...
well, so be it  ;--)))


Here is my page which i have prepared for tomorrow--(I really prefer not to share  written pages as they are private....)
but here is my decorated page ready for tomorrow's happenings...

As you can tell, I keep track of water intake, coffee and tea--and often do
weather and moon cycles...along with daily thoughts and our lives....a bit of planner stamping and much decoration....

I am used to this set up--and love it--and I love the fact that it is a ringed binder and I can replace the dated pages each year.....

Here is my little "place keeper". this also has an alphabetized address book in the back...

all in all my FAVORITE  planner of all times....

This Christmas (!! really??!! ) Cactus is going into bloom for the fourth time this year....lovely white flowers with purple insides....GOTTA LOVE IT!!

AND....on the quilting front:

I managed the two last vertical seams on Steven's quilt today...will take the day off tomorrow and concentrate on my other Art Journal...one which I can share with you....and then I will only have 4 horizontal and shorter seams to quilt....YAY   ;--)))

Went to (trash can..) JoAnnes this morning with DH and got acrylic paint brushes and charcoal pencils for my Art Journal...and a little bottle of CC for making Manhattans...well, we are going to be in a blizazrd after all...lol you do what you have to do--right???

Mr. DH gave me a snow blower lesson this afternoon and I am ready (yessir!! aye aye sir0
 with, peaked cap, mittens and earmuffs in hand (not at all a good visual!!) to go out into the storm and snow blow...."Nanouk of the North "  that will be me !!

hugs to you all and I hope that you are staying warm and safe in this snow storm=-ey weather...
hugs, to all
Julierose, La blageuse...


  1. Love the idea of a real journal! I kept a diary when I was a kid and loved it! I still peek in it from time to time! We're not supposed to get much snow up here. Please be careful! Enjoy staying indoors!

  2. I use a "normal" diary/journal, much prefer it to putting everything in the computer. I have to say that mine is a very much run of the mill set up not like your beautiful creation. Sounds like you're in for a cold spell hope things don't get too bad for you - keep warm!

  3. Your decorated journal page looks lovely. It must be good to look back through the journals in later years.

  4. Cute journal page. I am not that diligent. I was back when I worked. In fact I just burned about 10 years of work journals. Be careful with the snowblower, and make sure you are all bundled up.

  5. stay safe and warm Julie and be careful in the snow. No Manhattans till AFTER you snowblow. (no drinking and driving) LOL I will be shovelling mine grrrrrrrrrr..........and hopefully SEWING

  6. I used a journal of that type for many years - I still play with journals but the calendar has gone electronic (aside from the paper ones that hang about the house). Warm wishes!

  7. I make three to take to the store, one for drug stores a d for for cleaning and another for grocies

  8. I am right there with you re pen & paper vs computer note taking, etc. I love the old-fashioned way of writing notes, letters, keeping a journal, etc, it's something I still do although I also use email of course. I have a Franklin Covey too, actually in two sizes because, well, I just do! I had one that zipped too in the past but it got damaged. I'm a notebook junkie and I love to buy pens and notebooks and all that jazz. Good luck with all that snow. We live outside the area that will receive it. Take care.

  9. take plenty of rest while snow blowing - y'all have it very rough out there for the next couple days trying to get all that snow removed so you can get our - be careful.
    I too keep paper calendars and reminders I tell myself I should do it all on the computer but yet every year I get a calendar for the kitchen to write appointments on and another for in my billing area to keep the budget and bills where I can just sit and look at it on paper.

  10. Please share a photo of your snowblowing adventure. We would love that :)

    I would love to journal but my day job keeps me engulfed in the electronic world of calendars. Maybe soon I can make at least a small change.

    Hope the weather wasn't too bad for you and you are happily stitching away.

  11. Hi J
    love your journal concept. Did you use the snowblower? We got about 30" and watched with jealousy neighbors with a blower! "come over here and do that!"

  12. Such a pretty planner..I want to pet it...I mean is so nice ;)
    I love the doodling you did around the page.
    I don't snowblow...I plow through it with my 4X4, lol. That is the one job I refuse to do, lol.

  13. love your journal, i just buy tablets to use so i can trash them when i get finished

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    2. I haven't been able to quilt or type much--back/hand issues...so nothing to report..I'll be back soon--I wouldn't quit on you, Barb hugs, Julierose


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