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Friday, January 1, 2016


My fiurst page in my new fauxbonichi is the last day of 2015--The funny old picture of this couple dancing the TANGO--is meant to represent Tom and me --lol
When we were first married I'd be cooking dinner, he'd come home from work and grab me and we'd be tango-ing across the kitchen--SOOooo funny!! Since he always has played in bands and only WATCHED people dancing and never really danced himself--I thought this was hilarious....
Ahhh, memories....

Here is the 1st page of my FB

Just playing with my "STUFF"---washi tape, stamps, drawing, watercoloring...just a few "Dangles"
Really, just foolin around....so much fun and very relaxing....

Our first little snow storm....just enough to make it feel like Winter---mostly sleet and ice...

Hugs to you all on this first day of a NEW YEAR
Julierose, La Blageuse (FB-euse)


  1. Love your pages. We had a little skiff overnight. Just flakes flying around willy nilly, but not doing a whole lot.

  2. Love your new journal! Very fun.:)

  3. love your journal. Happy New Year my friend! please don't send the snow and ice here. (I wish it were that easy to avoid- it will be coming soon to a theatre near me haha)

  4. Beautiful journal pages Julie - love them! Looking forward to see in more of these in your posts.

  5. Bonne et heureuse année JulieRose !
    Plein de gros bisous !

  6. Love your pages on your Fauxbonichi :)
    I love the gold lettering you used :)


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