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Sunday, December 27, 2015

SUNDAY SAMPLER (picture heavy)

Awakened to another gray and foggy morning--soooo, DH took me out for breakfast and then we shopped for the next couple weeks at BJ's (HELL0 Cape Cod chips ;--))
 Goodbye Mr. Atkins!!)  I guess I'll have to check the "Naughty" box
 for next year already!! ;-ooo

This will be a picture heavy post BECAUSE:

See what Santa Thom got me--a wonderful tripod--loving this!  Perfect gift....

                               {Just had to try a candlelight shot--} 
Prepping my dinner salad for the evening....
one resolution for 2016 is to have ONE big salad every day--and
since we ate out and I had hash brown potatoes (who can resist?? Pas Moi!!) 
no lunch and salad for supper....

AND here are a selection of gifts i received:  (Quite a haul) there are more that
I will post later on ....

FOUR new books--love that Longmire series, two candles for my deck this summer
(See how they are supported on those little low holders?? How neat!!)
                                 TA-DAH:  My new Miguel Ruis Journaling book,,,
                                 600 pages of blank graph papers.....to play with!

I have prepared January's 31 days like this so far:

the circle calendar date stamps every graph paper page,
 the header will be the day of the week and the weather 
(I have to wait for those stamps to come in--DH gave me [almost heh heh] 
carte blanche to shop online for "STUFF" for my other presents from him--
what a sweetie!!  
The lower section will be my foodie & walking section; 
the rest will be my journaling and art stamping and/or sticker workings....
I washi-taped two pages together to  avoid ink bleed-through yesterday--
harder than it sounds actually!!

SO, gals: .  This is my "Fauxbonichi" (FB) (you can see YouTubes on this 
type of journaling online).


I have sewn the first vertical row (left) together for Steven's quilt and hope to get the 2nd done today.  
I am so excited to see it finally coming together!!

I asked Cassidy (next in line for a quilt) her fave color and it was:
                               yay!!  a COLOR I CAN REALLY DO A LOT WITH......

I have done 49 circles and am stopping here for now--just too hard
 (emotionally )  for me. 
 Perhaps, I will pick them up in a bit...
and am continuing my Grief Cloth work.

I will be absent for a bit; making my New Year's Resolutions [this year feels like I
want to for the first year in a LONG time] 
generally catching up with myself....a quiet time....

hugs to you all and
                                                       HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR
Julierose, La Blageuse (graeful-euse)


  1. Happy New Year, we all need time to catch up with ourselves. Love your tripod, that is wonderful. And the quilt is coming along beautifully.

  2. Great gifts, the quilt is coming along. Hugs and prayers my friend as you work through. Enjoy some time and plan for the new year. I thought from Christmas to New Year you had a blank check to be bad before Santa noticed for the next year? Isn't he on a white sand beach somewhere enjoying the wind down?

  3. Purple will be a fun quilt. I have a Tennessee waltz quilt planned but have yet to make it in purple and cream. I hope you enjoy the journaling and the you time.

  4. Happy New Year to you, too!

    Have fun with the tripod. The candle-light picture is beautiful.

    The orange spider-webs look great put together!

  5. Good luck with your resolutions for 2016 Julie - I am working on mine!
    Super presents for you from Santa - I'm sure you're going to enjoy them all. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!

  6. Ah yes, this is the season of refreshment and renewal -- I don't make "resolutions" per se but I do revisit goals and plans and edit as needed.

  7. Hello Julie Rose !
    Tu as reçu de bien beaux cadeaux pour Noël !
    Tu me fais rire avec tes bonnes résolutions pour les repas ! Mais une salade....comme c'est bon !
    Le quilt de Steven avance bien et il sera très beau !
    Happy new year for you and all your family !

  8. Happy New Year! I'm trying to make 2016 better. Hope my resolutions last throughout the year! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

  9. Santa was good to you. Love the quilt. I don`t think I could ever make NY resolutions. Good luck on keeping yours.

  10. Oh, I see Santa likes you too! Very nice tripod! I would like to journal sometime but feel I shouldn't add SOMETHING else to the quilting "stuff" I already have.
    I sure like Steven's quilt too.....it's on my someday list.
    Happy New Year!


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