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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


"My true friend gave to me.......

                                           " .....a purple ta-a-a-pe measure...(3 French Hens don't travel
                                               well, after all lol)

                                            "AND A PARTRIDGE, IN A PEAR TREE"
merci mille fois, Dawnie....;--)))

Here's the first block I machine QAYGo-ed --

Two lines outlining the star and a criss-cross double line on the two seams all the way across.....
hoping it'll be enough--I DO want the white prints to show as these are the math, music, engineering etc. prints.....

I think that Helga does a nice job quilting evenly,,, (any hitches are due to the human running her)

Can you see the lines--kind of shadowy here....but a crossed star....

19 more to go....hoping to get a few done this afternoon....

It is 59.4 degrees here with a warm, balmy SW wind coming off the ocean--our boardwalk trek was
just lovely this morning....

FYI to anyone interested--BACK on ATKINS--as best as I can during this pre-Christmas food fest!!

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with chives, 1/2 cup steamed spinach and 3 slices bacon crisped...& black coffee;

Lunch:   Tossed Salad with Mozzarella cheese;

Dinner: (Another!!) Salad with Panko chicken (the panko not strictly allowed, but giving myself
 a bit of a leeway here) + 8 glasses of water throughout the day
 I've lost 2 lbs.....so far.... encouraging....

hugs to all (and a big one to Dawnie, who has made these difficult days leading up to Christmas merrier for me....P.S.  DH thanks you, too....I was a teeney bit irritable--ya think??)
Julierose, La Blageuse (quilting-euse)


  1. Sweet purple measuring tape. Your QAYG is coming along nicely.

    Good luck with the diet during this time of year. You are brave to try :)

  2. Your star looks great and congrats on sticking to a healthy meal plan.

  3. i am just going light and try again after all these meals

  4. brave brave girl dieting in the midst of the Christmas cookie season. your qayg is coming along nicely. glad that I can make your days leading to Christmas a little more fun. enjoy!

  5. I love the purple tape measure! I seem to be into purple stuff lately.


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