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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

365 circles


                                            AUDREY'S 365 Circles group sew along....

I began on Nov 5th to chronicle my daily "feelings" in these months after my Mom died on
June 5th of this year by using fabrics that, for me, display  my state of mind that day.

And I have found  that this daily "circling around" how I am doing with all these unexpected feelings that can overwhelm me at the oddest moments and for the strangest reasons --really helps a lot.

I am using K.K. Buckley's circle templates (of differing sizes) to pre-form my circles--as I am
totally needleturn-challenged (actually, I cannot do it at all!! truth be told ;-0000), I find that having the seam allowance turned under is easier for me to handle right now.

(Altho, today I semi-needleturned that little sleeping moon on my latest circle.)

 But my stitching does seem to be getting a bit  better and I am beginning to relax and let myself
go with the flow more....

thanks so much Audrey for hosting this great sew-a-long....
hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Good to see you're keeping up Julierose :) Your circles are all part of the healing process, your Mum will be smiling each time you stitch one :) Take care x

  2. I am loving seeing your circles & following your journey x

  3. This is such a deeply personal quilt for you and testament to the beautiful relationship between you and your mother. It will be a treasure when you have it completed and be like a hug from your mom every time you wrap up in it.

  4. A wonderful way to honor your mother. It takes a lot of determination to learn something new, good for yo!

  5. What a lovely idea. Mourning is a process that is unique to each of us. So pleased you found this very special way to start to work through this. Not easy, I know.

  6. I too am enjoying seeing your daily circles, and am glad that they are helping you heal.

  7. The other day I'd read some horrible horrific thing on the news, and a bit later put on Christmas music, and sat down to sew my circle and bust out crying about the world in general.

    So I can only imagine the feelings going in to yours :(

  8. Lovely to see all your "days" together like that. It's beautiful!

  9. Your circles are beautiful, so much fun isn't it??

  10. Love your determination to stitch a little bit of your feelings into this quilt. Very, very special.

  11. You don't look needle turn challenged to me! And you look like you always have a lovely state of mind if those circles are supposed to be reflecting it.

  12. I like that last block that is a bare tree in the blues. I am enjoying seeing the fabrics the different participants use as they proceed along daily.

  13. Great way to heal after your mom's death. I find quilting/sewing so therapeutic. Can't wait to see more!

  14. Very pretty, and practice will help make it better. Every day you will be spectacular by 365.

  15. Bonjour JulieRose !
    Quelle rigueur dans ton travail !! Bravo ! Quilting is a wonderful therapy no ?
    Gros bisous et bonne journée !

  16. These are lovely. Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with needleturn (but I can't even draw a circle without wobbles).

  17. I have seen your circles and now I get the idea! A wonderful idea, I think!


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