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Sunday, December 20, 2015

DAYS: 6, 7 & 8


Two lovely fabrics--my southwest collection is growing and my scanty plaids will be improved.


                                              SEE---"EIGHT MAIDS A MILKING.."
WHAT A LOVELY TABLEMAT--it goes so well with my bowl, don't you think???

AND Here's to you, Dawn;   My DH thanks you ;--))), too.  Prosit!!

I am still working on my circles each day (haven't dropped out as yet...but to be honest, have thought about doing that--); and still quilting away on Steven's blocks...I have 11 done.....9 more to go.

I can only quilt on 2-3 before my eyes go wonky,....

I also am re-arranging (again,-- big surprise!! lol) my long cutting table into two parts: one for just cutting (and NOT for piling stuff on it , heh heh) and the other for my scrapbooking..

.I still have to move a lot of stuff (stuff and more stuff and those pesky "itsy-bitsy things) so that I can FIND what I have and what I need will be "to hand".

It got cold here this morning--31 degrees and very windy will a windchill of 28+/-; it'll be a
 c-o-o-ld walk --betcha we'll be moving faster than usual --ya think?

hugs to you all --I will be wrapping today

Julierose, La Blageuse (wrap-euse)


  1. Cool gifts. Where did the cool weather come from? I am not ready for it yet.

  2. hey girlfriend. those circles are awesome and dont worry. they will look fab all together.
    want to start mine 1st of year. not sure if doing all in blues or a different shape or how I will start.
    been doing those woodburned discs. fun fun


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