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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Here are circles 41 - 45 and today i will be working on # 46; how i will get 365/6 circles together to play nicely I have no idea...but forging on 

And this also is my continuing Slow Stitching --the Grief Cloth
I am making progress--but this "wrap stitch " is a slow worked one....which is the 
point.  I am linking to slow sunday quilting with Kathy and friends....the two small snow drifts at the lower right are my work for this afternoon..but no snow here yet, just in my heart of hearts....
 I am really lovingly working on this and letting the memories--and sometimes tears--flow as I stitch along in this mourning year of mine....
hugs to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse (pleure-euse)


  1. Your circles are very pretty and I'm sure will all come together when the time is right. I'm sorry for your grief, but stitching a grief cloth will hopefully, bring you peace and comfort.

  2. Great progress on your circles. I am sure that they will all come together as they should when the time is right.

  3. What a beautiful and yet bittersweet project! Brings tears to my eyes...

  4. Great progress. I'm waiting for the new year to start my circles.

  5. Loving those circles, and the grief cloth stitching is so beautiful and so touching.

  6. Beautiful circles. Your mourning piece is lovely.

  7. Love your slow project, lot's of beautiful stitching.

  8. This is a beautiful piece Julie, just beautiful and will be full of memories for you. You are being so diligent with your circles, I shall be waiting in the New Year. If we are not in touch before Christmas - Merry Christmas!

  9. Your grief cloth is beautiful & it sounds like it is really helping you connect with your heart in such a tender way.
    Your circles are progressing nicely - I think they will all magically come together somehow in the end :-)

  10. It's a wonderful way to grieve and honour the feelings. You are brave!

  11. Oh JulieRose mon amie, je suis de tout coeur avec toi !!
    Gros bisous......


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